Kendall F. Person’s The Exorcist Part II


Of course I could not just read part one, as captivating as the first part was, and to polay the music that your selected to go along with it…..
Beautifully choreographed with the placement of those links to play through while reading, it made the read that much more “INTENSE”.
Well done my good friend.

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The Exorcist Part I

cover art by Gabor Dvornik

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls the butterfly
- Richard Bach

original score Incubus by Renan Javier

Belief can be the caterpillar…

In April 1997, in an exclusive gated community in the suburbs of San Diego, California, 38 bodies were found dead in various stages of decomposition. All of the bodies represented members of Heaven’s Gate, a religious doomsday cult, combining New Age Faith, Christian doctrine and science fiction. They believed that planet Earth was about to be recycled and the only way to survive, was to escape.

But in order to achieve ‘The Next Level’ members had to release all human-like characteristics, including family, friends, individuality, jobs, money, possessions and even sexuality, explaining why many of the men found dead, had voluntarily been castrated. Their leader, Marshall Applewhite, prepared his congregants for departure, by convincing them…

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Kendall F. Person’s The Exorcist


Another captivating read Kendall, very gripping.

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cover design by Gabor Dvornik 

It is a lonely road to crazy.

In the late 1970’s, Andrea Yates would board the lonely road when she was just in her teens. Although she would graduate from high school at the top of her class, valedictorian no less, captain of her swim team and an officer in the National Honor Society, she always felt alone. She survived a winning battle against bulimia and fought off depression. She would graduate from the University of Texas and pursued a career in medicine. When she met Rusty and he asked her to be his wife, it appeared she had left the lonely road behind her, and pursued the happy trail of life. He moved her into a home and she bore him a child. Life would move them around the country, and their family would grow, and it appeared that Andrea was happy until giving…

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Photographing Prayer



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cover Prayer by Julian Ortiz

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul.
It is daily admission of one’s weakness.
It is better in prayer to have a heart without words
than words without a heart. 
- Mahatma Gandhi

Photographing Prayer

prayer Ethiopia: Innocent Prayers of a Young Child by Steve Evans

prayer Evening prayers at Har-Ki-Pairi Ghat in Haridwar by Dirk Hartung

prayer children’s prayer by rana ossama

prayer CT National Guard prayers for Newton courtesy of US National Guard

prayer Afternoon Prayers by Karl Grenet

prayer In deep prayer by John Ragai

prayer Prayer in Peace for Ukraine

prayer Prayer time… by Rakesh JV

prayer desperate prayer by Mathieu Jarrry

prayer World’s Smallest Lord’s Prayer by Frank DeFreitas

Kendall F. Person’s The Exorcist
series finale
debuts March 12

prayer shadows in the dark by Danijel Firak

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The Neighborhood Short Film of the Month: ‘Evolution of the Horror Film Genre’ directed by Jacob Miguel Coffey


There is nothing like being scared, especially when your mind creates those fears.

Originally posted on Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger:

cover art by Danijel Firak

Words have no horror to impress the mind
without the exquisite horror of their reality. 
- Edgar Allan Poe

The Neighborhood Short Film of the Month

Jacob Miguel Coffey’s ‘Evolution of the Horror Film Genre’ is not simply a historical look at scary movies, but quietly and effectively demonstrates how life can be more horrifying than art.

The Neighborhood Short Film of the Month
 of the Horror Film Genre
directed by Jacob Miguel Coffey

the exorcist season finale

shout out to brainy quotes

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