A Holistic Journey

It was a summer sun and autumn wind. He felt both uncomfortable and snug in the sweater as the heat bore through and the air blew in tidal breaths about him. He couldn’t help look up as he made his way down the gully using his spade like a walking stick. The sky, a wash of azure, held out a gorgeous cleanness – a tableau vivant of redemption after the fierce rain. Reminding himself to breathe with the wind softening above, he followed the redolent trail of conifer to a line of trees tall against the strike of sun. Right there, by the rock. That’s where he’d dig. The clods eventually gave way because they had to. All those years: longing and defeat marked a hundred thousand steps that made a life and he hadn’t lived. The dirt crumbled under the work of sure hands. When he made his way…

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Maybe We Don’t Want to Listen To Your Story

Very Profound.

A Holistic Journey

I had my feet up on the couch, willing the bleeding to stop. I couldn’t find any pads last night but remembered the spare diapers I kept for my nephew’s sleepovers. They were perfect. What a word. Perfect. I suppose I should have this down by now. I changed out the diapers every hour, sometimes faster. The empty trash bin had filled, blood-sodden, overnight. Today my back yearned for something soft underneath as the pelvic ache grew louder.

The doorbell rang.

My body refused to move but I was waiting for a package to sign for. I had to get the gift to Dad. I tried not to think about the rush in my pants when I got up and shuffled, exhausted, to the door. Outside the window stood a man with a pen behind an ear, clipboard in hand. Damn solicitors. He waved hopefully when he caught sight…

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The Birth of the “Tiger Within” (temporary name of course)

Sketch 1 Stipple 1 Stipple 2 Stipple 3 Stipple 4 Stipple 5 Stipple 6 Stipple 7 Stipple 8 Stipple 9 Stipple 10

…..This is the progression of a Tiger, from the sketch in, to the Stippling for contrast. Once I complete the primary stippling, I’m going to erase the sketch work, make it “pop” if you will.

Please offer your experience, suggestions, critique’s.

Up to the most recent photo, I’ve got about 14 hours in just on the Stippling alone.
I was going to post this upon completion, but I’ve seen others post work of theirs and I think people should see how the work progresses, from conception to completion. How long it takes, what steps are taken to get to the finished piece.

Let me know what you think.

I want to thank you all in advance for your feedback. Until then……

#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. III by Kelly Lewis

The Neighborhood

cover art Astronomy Domine II by MoodyBlue

from Rennes France, Brahman with Sabilulungan

Everyone has a contribution to make.

TAG created by Kendall F. Person

Edition III by Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis

Authority To Lead

Succumbing to fear we constantly hold ourselves back
Unsure and unwilling to bear the potential attacks
Of Authority on self-confidence that seems to lack
Understanding that everyone has something to add

Might we begin to curtail these damaging reflexes
To make conscious decisions in our best interests
Show some common courtesy, decency and respect
Supporting our communities without weighing regrets

Precious is the open mind that is capable to conceive
There’s beauty concealed in all unique, innate abilities
For truly, each of us has unlimited potential to lead
Democracy of chances to achieve collective dreams

Envision a supportive environment that feels safe
Celebrating our differences to exchange our fate


H-Y Loco

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#TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority ed. II by Yelle Hughes

The Neighborhood

Yelle Hughes Author Yelle Hughes

from Ohio and the son of Yelle Hughes, Ignorant Intelligence w/ The Final Frontier

TAG created by Kendall F. Person
Edition II by Yelle Hughes

I’m a late bloomer in pursuing my desire to express my artistic side. I’ve been a dreamer all my life but  all I knew at that time, was that my lot in life was to be a wife, a mother and that’s it. It was not until after my divorce that I decided to take control of the reins and do what makes me happy.

Social Media brought the world to me and has opened my eyes from the tiny bubble I had encased myself in. I discovered music, imagery…people. Life is not one-dimensional, it is complex…vast. It takes guts to get out there and study it, learn it, be in it. I stepped out my box when I became an author, to share with the world…

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