Perception versus Intent


Such an amazing story Kendall, Thank you for this. Everyone needs to open their eyes just little further. With your help, I think it can be done.

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There are things known
and there are things unknown,
and in between are the doors of perception.
- Aldous Huxley

On November 21, 1999, a six-year-old child would have his world turned upside down. Born of parents with not just different political ideologies, but with different perceptions of what it meant to live free. Crowding into a small aluminum boat with his mother and 12 others, a young Elian Gonzalez would be of three survivors, when the motor of the boat gave out somewhere in the Florida Straits. The boat would fill with water, and his mother would join the others, in an attempt to bail it out. Her son had fallen asleep, and when he awoke, he would never see his mother again, who drowned beneath the sea. Back in Cuba, Elian’s father discovered his wife and son gone, telephoned his Uncle in Florida, to alert him they were…

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The Text


A great story

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I wanna make a jigsaw puzzle that’s 40,000 pieces.
And when you finish it, it says,
‘go outside.’
- Demetri Martin

the text
Halloween by Tjeiken

The Text
Mary texted Marcus asking “When are you leaving your wife?”
Marsha intercepted the text, for she was using Marcus’ phone.
Marsha texted back saying “Leave my man alone!”
Mimi read both texts, on her computer screen,
then texted back announcing she was
Marcus’s spouse, then inquired
“What bitch is using, my husband’s phone?!”
Mary was confused, about who Marsha could be.
She knew about Mimi, but had no idea that Marcus
was a two-timer times three.
Marsha threw the phone belonging to Marcus, against the wall,
mad at herself for being a part of such mess.
Melanie received her text from Mary, her best friend, stating
“Girl, his wife knows. Shits hittin’ the fan.”
Melanie freaked out, unsure what to do.
How did Mary…

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Race i
cover photo courtesy of Greyhound Bus Ad

‘Two Boys Asleep
from Classic Film

All skin colors, whether light or dark,
are not due to race,
but to adaption to life under the sun.
– Alan Goodman, Biological Anthropologist 

Although, there is great debate and no sound consensus among theologians, academics or conspiracy theorists of the precise year of its creation, the Tower of Babel, a testament to man’s’ initial attempt to reach the heavens on his own, we  can safely conclude that it took place after the days of Noah and before the birth of Christ. making the 22nd century B.C. the closest attempt to accuracy. According to the Book of Genesis in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, all people who gathered there spoke of one language and decided to build a city, to keep them all together, and the city would include a…

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We must become bigger than we have been:
more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook.
We must become members of a new race,
overcoming petty prejudice, owing our allegiance,
not to nations but to our fellow men
within the humanity community.
- Haile Selassie 

During the holiday season break from school, in the winter of 1978, my younger brother and I went for a simple bike ride around the neighborhood. Our family had recently relocated from the Rocky Mountain city of Denver, Colorado to the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights. In the Mile High, we lived in the racially diverse community of Montebello, making the transition to a predominantly white region, a little challenging for my family, but only my parents would truly understand the problems of race, for both parents were born before the civil rights era and well below the Mason-Dixon line. So on one fine winter…

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Operation Grindstop 2014: 14 Crew Arrested During Grind

During Operation Grindstop, Sea Shepherd was on constant patrol protecting Pilot Whales from brutal slaughter in the Faroe Islands. Only one grind was carried out during Sea Shepherd’s campaign, and our volunteers stood fast to the bitter end. Maggy Gschnitzer is one of 14 our crewmembers arrested by the Danish Navy for interfering in the Grind. Maggy is hopeful that the tragic death of these 33 Pilot Whales will help the world wake up, and end the Grind

Phoenix Rising: The End of War

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part one: The Hypocrisy of War

In dedication to All Veteran Soldiers.
In support  of the homeless Veteran Soldiers, and those who suffer with PTSD
In appreciation to the legion of professionals, volunteers, civil servants,
persons of spiritual faith, and persons of their own beliefs,
who are committed to finding, building and implementing a solution.

Phoenix Rising
Fallen heroes remembered courtesy of DVIDSHUB

music ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ by Patricia L.

dedicated to All Veteran Soldiers & Their Families – On behalf of The Neighborhood, Thank you for your service. 

We all have something left to give.

Phoenix Rising The Hypocrisy of WarI believe its a beautiful life. I believe that the blue skies that greet me each morning, and the moon that rises each night are beautiful sights. I believe that the Arctic ocean, teeming with life and the Atacama Desert, where life struggles to survive, are both beautiful places. I believe in second chances, in most…

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