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All Around the World: An International Artists Collaborative of Expression

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A bird does not sing because it has an answer
It sings because it has a song

Before the Storm
All Around the World; An International Artists Collaborative of Expression

recording artist: from Oslo, Norway, producer Drumma Battalion with 5AM in Oslo
visual artist: from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martin Jimenez Tassara
written-word: Chinese Proverbs, unknown writer

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which
every person leaves a mark

an international artist collaborative

Be not be afraid of growing slowly
be afraid only of standing still

an international artist collaborative

Dig the well before you are thirsty

international artist collaborative

Give a man a fish and you teach him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

the neighborhood

On June 13….. we will all know
Our Featured Presentation: The Meaning of Life
debuts @ 12:01 a.m. PST, 9:01 a.m. CEST, 12:45 p.m. NPT

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We Are Not Doing Enough, Will Our Children? Children of Today, Dream of Answer For Tomorrow’s World



the Colors of Emotion


One of the most interesting things that I have noticed throughout the years is that it is not only the color around you but the color you where that can also swing your mood and attitude. Take for example when a woman wears a little black dress, she’s going to feel sexier and more expressive of her sexuality more times than being passive or submissive. Her audience is going to react in the same manner for the same reason, the notion of “the little black dress” will always be reflective upon sexuality.

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Human nature flows from three main sources:
desire, emotion, and knowledge.
- Plato


 On April 5, 1968, an everyday teacher by the name of Jane Elliott would prove to the world how powerful color really was. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., many curious students inquired as to why he was killed. Jane Elliott proposed to the students, “Would you like to see how it feels to be a person of color?” the classroom agreed and the Racism Experiment was born. In an all white classroom, the blue-eyed children were made superior to the brown-eyed children. With a little nudging, it did not take long for the blue-eyed students to become bossy, arrogant, superior and for the brown-eyed students to become timid, subservient, inferior. It was a powerful experiment then and remains a landmark in race relations till this very day. However, beyond the racial aspect…

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The Five Reasons Why We Are Our Brother’s Keeper – {QP Two}

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One of the main task of theology
is to find words that do not divide but unite,
that do not create conflict but unity
that do not hurt but heal
- Henri Nouwen



QP One Violence
the Quest for Peace entry Two {QP Two}

Have you ever walked along the moonlit sand, under a star-filled sky and wondered, “What is the meaning of my life?”  Have you ever given a moment your all, ran your fastest race, but still came in last? Have you ever thrown a penny in a well, blew out all the birthday candles on your cake, yet your wish failed to be filled? Have you ever fallen down and been unable to get back up? Have you ever thrown your hands up high and shouted toward the heavens, “I give up!”  Have you ever faced humiliation or felt the world staring you…

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A True American Icon of Beauty and Sexual Desire

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene –


Very hipnotic

Eliphants Performing Amazing Stunts

I feel so sorry for this poor Eli, the photographer had to have made some pretty drastic promises to convince this Eli to SUCK that hard and long to stick out from the all like this. –

Be careful when calling someone you are upset with hurtful names, it just might backfire. ;-)

Hahahahaha!!! –

Some these look like they could have been done by a professional make-up artist. But a couple just look odd, the human in one looks as though he is also wearing a fake nose with his glasses, lol. Sorry buddy, but if you know who you are and happen to be reading this, I’m sure its just the camera angle.?. 
            /\-√ ;

Wonderful Acts Of Gods Creatures

At first it looked like this Baluga Whale is about to swallow the child up, then at second glance, he’s just singing the kid a song, ¶


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