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Some very talented minds that have the uncanny ability to take their visions from deep within their psychie and expressing those visions in their own interpretation for us to see what is going on inside their heads.
One of my favorite times is taking a persons various pieces of artwork or creations, and then looking at the artist and try to interpret how one came from the other or how one produced the other. Sometimes a person’s artwork is not their creation but the creation is actually the artist. One has to look real deep into their souls to put that together, ;-).

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We should not be in search of perfect nor a blissful euphoric,
but in an individual-self that fills external obligations, while not succumbing to our burdens 
We should not be afraid to believe that world peace is possible,
and we are never to old to chase dreams and make new friends.
We have the wisdom to understand  who we are 
- a small but intricate piece of humanity –
and each place we find ourselves,
in the pews of our churches or in houses of strangers,
we should try to make a contribution toward peace.
In every precious free moment of this one life we have to live,
 listen to our internal vision, the one that sees the beauty in everything.
- Kendall F. Person, from One Life to Live

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 music ‘It’s Not Over’ performed by indie recording artist Childs

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Your Host

Ladies & Gentlemen, long-time Neighbors, resident artists, visitors and…

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The wisdom of Invictus is found in the meaning of its message; and the fury of its delivery, invoke the challenge of our journey toward accepting the message.  Every day that we live, lengthens our timeline, and although most would like to live a long and healthy life, it is not the length that defines us and should concern us, but rather, it is the moments that dot  our timelines that matters most, since they contain the information of the people and events that shape our lives.

In every conceivable manner,

the family is link to our past,
bridge to our future.
-Alex Haley

Back Down Memory Lane 1984
1984 by Linear-LAmour

I was born in 1966 in a metropolis at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The 3rd child of what would become a clan of six, to an incredibly proud, beautiful, and intensely caring mother. Papa was a rolling stone, so I would not get to…

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Black Dolphin


Awesome writing Kendall!!!

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City of Dynamitepart One City of Brotherly Love

An inescapable Russian prison
built for the hardest criminal minds
and murdering sons of bitches. 
- Black Dolphin

black dolphin
city by celine meisser

In 1986, northern California would be hit by the Pineapple Express, a series of storms originating in the pacific ocean and lining up like box cars, slamming into the Golden State one right after the next. Prone to droughts, it did not take long for the rivers and system of levees to fill to their brims and the saturated ground could take no more, but still the rains came and it would not be long before the levee system, built to protect the low lying valley floor from flooding – failed. In the capital city of the most populous state in the union, Sacramento sat at the bullseye of catastrophe, both man made and natural disaster.

The levees were filling…

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A Precious Circle


Wonderful writing Kendall, a great story as well.
Thank you

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A Family Silhouette by Ozgur Poyrazoglu
A Family Silhouette by Ozgur Poyrazoglu

A Precious Circle by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

She awoke one morning, and somehow felt different.
The sickness overwhelmed her, yet she had no fever.
She wanted to walk, but her feet hurt her.
The sunshine was mild, still it did heat her.

It did not go away, so she saw her doctor.
When the news was delivered, it unnerved her.
She was carrying a child, and it so moved her.
When she finally told him, it was a time of beauty.

It grew inside, and it changed her.
He smiled each time, it moved inside her.
Their love had changed, it became deeper.
A family being made, both were  now richer.

Her water broke, he was so nervous.
The time had come, it was predestined.
She pushed so hard, it was exhausting.
By her side, he stood unbending.

She could not describe, how…

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