My most stressful week yet

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This is day one, (Monday) of week nine in my humanities class with the University of Phoenix. This also means that it is finals week and I still have more work from last week. Not only do I have that piling up on me, I have to go in for surgery on my neck Friday morning and this will be the fourth time the same surgeon as been into my neck, the same spot at as the other three times and this time will hopefully be the last. Is removing the implant he put him originally on September 29 of 2010. Plus this time he is also going to take out the battery and a wire that runs from the battery to my neck, I imagine you want to know where the battery is, well it is in my left butt cheek and kind of high but just below my belt line. I have to tell you that area has been hurting more and more lately maybe because of the way have been sitting or laying down I just need to get it out. I handed arm has been just in so much pain lately that I can’t even concentrate on reading for pleasure let alone for my schoolwork.

One thing I did though yesterday that was kind of fun, and that was it took some of my drawings that I had done and propped up and took out my camera and took some new photos of them and downloaded them onto my computer. So after a little bit of cropping I’m going to post them on my webpage with the website “”.

Well I’ve been putting it off long enough, and I’ve only got a few days this week to get my homework done, well till Friday morning anyway.

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