Feeling a little better, and that is a good thing

At least I am up and out of bed because I think it was last Tuesday when I laid down and I actually got up yesterday started moving around and today I feel a lot better. Considering where I was at yesterday. Found this great new bands I do not remember how, but they are called “Young the Giant” and I primarily listen the country hundred percent except on my DirecTV box, that is, Channel 856 I believe in is called New Age, and I think actually it is called Sonic Tap. But they have got amazing music on that station and then finding these guys on the Internet this morning like I said I do not remember how, but I just did there their genres of music and their rhythm, I think they sound great.

Next figure out why this keeps happening, only going along okay for about 4 to 6 weeks maybe. And all of a sudden I and the sleeping or not sleeping, but I am in bed for a week, I choose not to eat and I do not take my pills that I am supposed to. I take 10 different pills within the day, some of them or once a day and some of them are four times a day. I did notice though, that if I am out in the evening, there are mosquitoes, they will not bite me because my blood is too toxic for them, ha ha. At least I am joking now and I am in better spirits, because I have had spirits, but I just am.

I have really been thinking about getting back into my artwork, and I mean in the hard and I have been having these visions of some amazing stuff, but it is a matter of getting it put together to produce it or them or what ever. I have also been having another vision and this one’s not really cool at all. I am not going to describe it, but his vision has been making me ill at the thought of it and I do not know where in the hell it came from, so that is all you need to know about that. I did have a couple of dreams. While I was awake, almost like a flashback. I guess you would say if you are awake, and that was when the mirror went through my arm. I have been going over and over in my head as to how that had happened on that dreadful day of 07/22/2008, that ripped my world apart.

I got involved with building and installing cabinets into kitchens, bathrooms and building entertainment centers and putting it all together and everything from a mobile home to 6000 foot single-family dwellings where we put in a 10 foot oak entertainment centers and vanities and the TV behind the mirror, and huge desks and having a solid wood top where you cannot even see the seams turning the corners, that was how flawless my team was. It took me a lot of years to find something that I truly love and to have it ripped away from me in the blink of an eye.

So over the next six months after the injury, I lost everything, the house I had been living in was beautiful, gone. The guys I have worked with had to work so they went elsewhere because I could not do anything. Construction business is brutal in the first the place, then one gets into a position where one cannot even pick up a sheet of plywood or even pick up a basic 20 ounce framing hammer, let alone get into the finer details of the actual finish work.

Well, I think I am done the dictating for now, I think my Dragon is tired because it is slacking on a number of commands. So I am going to turn her off, yes I have been married three times I know how to do that, ha ha. After about a half an hour I will turn her back on, after three divorces, maybe I do not know how to do that. 

Thank you for listening, you are all I have two talk to, so I Love You and we will talk more later.



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  1. Hey what is going on?I do not know what the hell is going on, the only thing I can think of is that it might be anxiety. Because I am just sitting here for about the last two hours at my desk, and my dictation program is getting easier and I am getting used to it more. So I am not typing that much first off.been sitting here and I will feel this charge will surge come up through my chest. And just like explode in my head and not giving me a headache, but it is making me dizzy, lightheaded, and almost feeling like I am going to pass out from it. Right now I do not feel the sensations that I felt 10 min. ago, but I do still feel kind of lightheaded. Now, I have to admit this last week was not one of my favorites. I think when I went to bed on Tuesday night of last week, I just never got up the next morning or the next button next until yesterday and I had not eaten in that whole week but a few bites of pastry, I would grab from a trip to the fridge to get another bottle water so I am not immobile, I can use still use the bathroom that is not a problem at all, even though was is no longer an issue I believe. Oh I almost forgot to mention that my eyes, it is not that they are tired, but I guess you could say it feels like there cannot wanting to burst out of my head but they are not giving me a headache, my eyes that is. okay now this is bullshit, the end of my last sentence, it would not let me finish typing “my eyes that is”, but this time it did. I literally had to retype the last two words in the previous sentence, “my eyes that is.”and see it even let me do it again here, but on that end of that last sentence it would not type it for me in my dictation, it through the letters across the screen, I kid you not.
    Okay bastard, you got my attention. Hello, I am waiting.
    I guess I am going to have to wait it out even longer, some reason whatever was messing with the screen and it was not my eyes, does not want to talk yet. Whoever it was did not even put the letters in any time in order, they were just tossed across the screen. I do not know what the hell is going on, and then you all will think I am nuts.
    Tomorrow I will reread the beginning of this post, and figure out what I was talking about and finish what I was saying before the screens,and that was what started going nuts on it.

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