One Step, One Day, Don’t Rush

Well, I think I figured out how to do this in Windows Journal, because every other time I had been in here and tried to work on it, it always wanted you to use a pen and write it like on a tablet. I only have my mouse to use and when I press down on the left button I can write but it is not comfortable and it can barely read what I am writing. I do imagine because I designed one years ago, that there is a pen that you can use with this program and all you have to do is just have a mousepad and metal transfer right onto the screen as your writing. If it is anything like what I designed it should be something pretty cool. But see now, all I have to do is talk and it is getting smarter every day a user and I would like to say the same for me. I am looking at this like getting to know someone. The program needs to learn how I speak and I need to learn how it will understand me to do the commands that I am looking at having done.
Well that looks cool, I did not realize I was able to indent by using the tab key.My shoulders are so tight and sore right now. They are just killing me, I put some magnesium oil on and it is supposed to penetrate deep into your muscles and meet and help it loosen up. This kind of sucks. I do not really know anybody out here, I have met a few people but it is different. There is nowhere to go to socialize unless you are hanging out in a bar or something. Plus I am not in the position to be dating, because I only have anything to offer. I am told I snore, and apparently fairly loud. I do have to admit I have woke myself up before and it is funnier when I am sitting next to somebody but not sleeping and they hear me snoring so heavy it wakes me up instantly and they just start laughing, well that would be my ex girlfriend but he had done that before.
I am still having the vision, one I mentioned the other day that I cannot actually describe because you guys would all hate me and think I am totally sick, but I do not know where this is coming from. But it is not as bad as the other day, I was going through a lot of anxiety and restlessness, and that vision popping up almost that whole week I was down and some more I tried to push it out of my mind, the more frequent it came back. I am having one now but it is because I am describing not yet, but telling you about it basically..

I am going to sign out for now, and I am going to do my homework. I have a few assignments I need to knock out and with my Dragon program working considerably better. I should have the work done fairly quick.

It is now 2:30 PM and is med time, plus get something to eat to take these with. I have a OxyContin and a Percocet along with one vitamin a water retention pill, LOL, a nerve blocker, and I think it is a Protox, or something like that.

I will be back later, Love to all of you.