Japanese Whalers Suck!!!

What’s going on everybody? This was my first day out of the house in over the last couple weeks and aside from that last time I was out was when I got home from having my surgery. Right now it’s after nine o’clock. Watching Whale Wars on animal planet right now, and I am more disappointed then I he crossedthought I would’ve been because I wasn’t expecting it to come back on this year. Last year Japan said they were going to quit whaling, well in fact the probably never even planned on it but somehow or other they were to obtain over $30 million and added more ships or security so that they could go out and hunt whales, which I believe is absolute and total bullshit. Excuse the profanity, but this is heartbreaking.

so I am pleading with all of those who are following my blog and I know there’s not many a year now but, hopefully it will increase.

Say it is two in the morning and I have taken about four hours ago my bedtime meds which consists of a soma, a sleeping pill, and my irregular nerve blockers and pain meds. Well to one of the pain meds and his methadone which generally makes you drowsy but for some reason the last few days I’ve been taking my bedtime meds don’t seem to kick in and for I don’t know, last night I had to even get up after about six hours and finally take another sleeping pill and then eventually kicked in. so after laying in bed for a bit and realizing I wasn’t going to sleep I decided to bust out my 35mm and get it cleaned up for tomorrow, I’m sorry make that later today. But today, Saturday is the annual tube float down the Colorado River and  Parker and from what I hear, last year there was more than 6000 people on the water floating on anything from boats to inner tubes or whatever rafts they can get out there and this year it’s supposed to be even worse, maybe not worse but as more people. So I thought I would take my camera and see what I can get developed software that. Before I posted anything ago to get the film developed sorry the 35mm is not digital but once I get the film developed we will see what we have hopefully. I shot about a half a dozen rolls of films already and still have yet to get them developed but after tomorrow on single drop them all off and taking care of, get it going anyway.

Well my friends, it is now 10 after 4 AM and I him no more tired than I am am awake, or is it I am no more awake than I am tired?

So aside from writing in my blog, I just got done watching the movie Monster, now I figure I will watch another movie and this one is called 127 Hours.  I have been putting it off for a couple of weeks since I had seen the previews.  But this is the story of that guy in the head got his arm stuck between Boulder and a bigger rock and had to cut his arm off.  Considering my injuries and what I have been going through for the last four years, I figured this might be appropriate.  Maybe help me get me out of my slump that I have been in. He had just gotten is arm stuck between the bolder and a bigger bolder.  Now it is dark, and now it is daylight, got a lovely movies; I am sorry, but the daylight was a vision he had.

okay, it is now almost 5 o’clock in room be used to discuss where it started to pour down rain and it looks like it does not appear as though easily get much help with filling his water jug.  Water is running pretty good now down the ravine and he got stuck in.  It is actually flooding and he is losing his ear and footing and is underwater now.  Okay, he is dreaming now because his arm is still attached and he made it back to his car and his arm is attached, yet he was dreaming.

okay now it looks like he is going to start cutting his arm, yep..

wow, you just broke free from his forearm and hand after cutting them off, it off.  And he is working his way out of the canyon.  Nice, headfirst into a puddle of money dirty water but probably will not kill him afterwards been through,obviously not.

Awesome movie in the first place and above that is an amazing story.  Now I need to get out from between my two boulders.  One day at a time, one day at a time.