I am up again, actually a few days a go

This is what, Saturday?  I believe so and now it is about 1035pm and I have not been to sleep since I woke up yesterday.  I do not even feel tired and that is what bothers me the most.  I have not taken anything other than my normal medication, normal dosage, no extras of any kind.

Right now it does not help that on ESPN there are these mini Coopers or something, I cannot make out the model of these cars but they look about the size of Mini Coopers and they have four cars racing against each other on a track somewhere and they have to jump and use sliding skids and turns, it looks really cool and like a lot of fun and it also looks like the Italian Job, the movie.

Okay, now for the real reason why I logged on tonight, here in town there really is not that much to do in Parker.  We do not even have just a bar to go have a drink and watch a game for example, we do have an Eagles and I still have yet to go in there, but my point is unless you go up the river or out-of-town there is not much going on around here.  But today was 37 Annual Parker Tube Float and all of a sudden around 10 o’clock or 1030, my dad wants to go out to the Cantina where the floaters have to register when they get done.  You get the idea, so we can see all the bikinis coming out of the river.  I rode down with him, I said “I got lunch dad, do not worry about it”.  Once he is done eating, he asked if I was ready.  I am like, for what?  And he said,  “to go”.  I think at this point about five people have been finished floating/swimming downriver to our location and there was at least another thousand people or more on the river.  Well he left and I stayed, I have this 7 inch extended lens for my 35mm camera, I forget the magnification on it offhand 210 or something.  Anyway, I went through four rolls of film in as many as two hours and I probably could have gone through another four rolls of film in the next couple hours that I had stayed.  It was fun actually, I had not been out of the house in a few weeks or a month really, other than one time but I am feeling better about things I guess.  It could be considerably worse I know so as my title has been saying one day at a time, one step at a time.

English: A photograph of MY Steve Irwin
English: A photograph of MY Steve Irwin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I am going to open another blog, because I want to talk about the whaling that is going on in the Indian Ocean by the Japanese and I would love to get some input from those of you that might be inquisitive as to what is going on because it is wrong, downright wrong what they are doing.  Remember the earthquake they had a few months ago, or last year?

The Steve Irwin
The Steve Irwin (Photo credit: Wyrmworld)

What of the Japanese government has given me the Japanese whalers almost $30 million to do as they pleased to prepare or protect themselves or what ever against the Steve Irwin crew and team.  Anyway that is my plan so look for over the next week or so on make it look decent and nice.

And I will save this blog for my diction and calling people names, just kidding.  Okay thinking getting tired actually should take my muscle relaxes her nerve blocker OxyContin methadone Percocet and the one you would think would put me over the top sleeping pills same thing yesterday around 930 maybe 10 o’clock I know one hour later at best.

signing off and I will touch base with two in the morning, love you guys.

English: MY Steve Irwin approaching Melbourne.
English: MY Steve Irwin approaching Melbourne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)