On the road again

well my friends and family, for one it has been a very busy week for me at least since Friday, and so I don’t repeat myself, if you read my last post from the 12th and you have a better idea as to what has been going on over the weekend, last weekend. But I had finally gotten a little bit of sleep and I thought I was getting back on track with that, not like last month where I was just in bed all the time and sleeping here and there, maybe I should rephrase that here and there part. I didn’t realize how it was going to portray itself when I said that sleeping here and there so let me rephrase it to getting a little bit of sleep here and a little bit of sleep there and some here & there. So I hope that works for you because if I’m going to be honest about this, I haven’t slept around anywhere and on top of that I haven’t slept around since or fooled around rather, I think almost more than two years now, I think it was my ecatch – invoice but stopand he haven’t posted it for me Ix-wife that I have had any relations with and that was easily more than two years ago, yeah I just thought about it and it was in 09 when we met, got married, got divorced, all by the end of August and I met her on New Ye engaged in Godif you haven’t done thatis okay now crap. Thisif you read this is not the end of myar’s Eve from 08 going into 09. What a nightmare that was, I’m getting off track here,

I believe, I was going to describe my situation from the fatigue and tiredness, what it does to me. Right now I’m fine; but if I stop doing stuff for example right now I am talking to you rather than typing and the system is learning my voice and I am learning the system so at first it was kind of pathetic. Because I didn’t know what to do and everything else; there are so many commands to go through, but I’ll be patient.

See* there I go, I’m getting off track again. I think it’s because I’m trying to avoid the inevitable. Are you sure you’re ready for this because I’m not and I’m going through it. I’m going to back up a little ways to I believe about the beginning of the year maybe. I had this really odd dream that I stepped over to the other side, and I mean the other side, not the other side of the room either. And yes remember this was a dream, and somehow or other it felt like I went to the other side where there were people from the afterlife. I didn’t know a soul, no pun intended, but I didn’t know a single person and I thought that was kind of odd, you know? Typically when you hear somebody say they do cross over to the other side, they were on a gurney with some medics or in a hospital surgery room, all for what ever and date were recovered, brought back after flatlining. I’m sorry, I just had a nether incident. Okay let me get back to the beginning of this again where I crossed over or what ever in my dream, and while I was there, believe it or not, I had a blast. I had no idea what we did, what we drank, who these people were, where they came from, I’d never even got any names but while I was in that dream I felt like I was there for a really long time. They’ll mean light years long time, I mean it was hours but it seemed like those hours were for days, but if I looked it up clock from when I went to bed and when I woke up it was a matter of only a light six hours total from just when I went to bed now that dream took place in one of my naps, if you will; when I go to bed at night I am down for sometimes maybe an hour, couple of hours, but typically no more than 3-4 hours, and I’ll get up and maybe take care of business or get a fresh bottle water: but one night in one of my dreams, I crossed over and strangely enough I am referring to the other side of life, (it just happened again) it is now 11:03 AM, to see what the sleep deprivation is doing to me, I’m supposed to be out on the patio by the pool with my cracker ass, and burning it with this California sun and all the magnification from the haze that was in the sky this morning and on top of that the smog, and between the two, the UV rays should be able to penetrate my  brilliant white skin. There I go drifting off track again. okay back to my live asked comment where I said it just happened again, on my left side I had this vision of somebody a big guy supposed to be doing something or other and it was silently seem to be really urgent and the supervisor or some sort of foreman I guess, approached this first guy and communicated with this person about his lack of quality of work of some sort. He did and as I eat and trying to follow along with what is being said, because I had my eyes closed during this vision and when they started to walk away I started to follow them just by watching I turned my hair and husband allots them all walk away if you were going well from where I’m sitting right now when I had that vision just now, I turned my head following them and I opened my eyes to the wall. It did not just appear there I’ve seen it sitting there since yesterday when I checked in, and it’s next carrier wall if that means anything, there is a breezeway right there so it’s kind of cool I don’t have a direct neighbor but earlier, it would not have mattered.

Alright, so last night or early this morning there was an incident in my room between I can remember correctly three people from the other side. Dammit did I forget again? To tell you who these people are, how they got here; let me look back of the top one little bit; I don’t think I saw anything so I’m going to tell you right now. In that dream of mine towards the beginning of the year, where I was having a great time with these people laughing and joking, I’m sorry I have to call on people but you can see right through him and they can either for example sit on the edge of the bed or couch or walk right through it. It’s like their mind thinking make it turn their bodies into apparitions or more human and flash and body kind of, people. If I can explain it do you think I’d be writing on a blog, you know I’d be writing it on a thesis or something for a university or the Smithsonian or of the science Channel. And getting paid for.

So I am in this drain and having a blast well it is almost time to get up. We all have that internal clock that says that it’s time to get up. Even though I’m not working and I don’t have a regular clock schedule to meet every day, I do have my doctors appointments and various other things that if I don’t keep my schedule appointment fan everybody else gets thrown off behind them. I proved that yesterday by being a half-hour late for my pain management Dr. and when I was done I still had to give a urine sample but I couldn’t do anything at that point so I’m sitting on the lot and one guy And start bitching because they were “running so damn late” and I turned to him and from what I was doing with my phone and told them that it probably started with me because I was a half-hour late and at that point you can I just laughed. So it was an interesting doctors appointment. So I’m in my dream, and yes I’m postponing this because I think I let the cat out of the bag. And I him about 50-50 on a literal term.

Well here goes everything, I don’t know how many people there were in this dream total, but I offered every one of only an opportunity come back. I know, that your saying yep, this guy is certifiable and nuts. I didn’t tell my doctor that part of it today because tomorrow I see a psychiatrist. I saw this guy a couple years ago maybe three and it somewhere here in San Bernardino, and I’ll MapQuest it to deny there are some it’s midmorning so I’ll probably just check out of the hotel at that point to. Isn’t that obvious? That I change the subject right away. Well, after seeing everything that I have seen just within the last 5,6 months, you might want to be a little hesitant with what you’re doing in regards to these people. I cannot say that they are able to physically harm anyone, and I cannot say that they are not able to. Okay for example right now, I am having this vision that this hotel complex is all being blown the wind is so bad that there is sand everywhere in the sky that it’s falling all around the apartment hotel here and it’s been messing with me with that shit. And all I can hear is the wind blowing and sand hitting the walls and falling down and just gradually piling up on the side of the building and cars are getting just you can even get in there in an brief because the doors are being blocked by the depth of the sand being so high now and it is, maybe this is what’s going on and I’m finally putting it out there out of my head, we’ll find out tomorrow. Dude you got blood all over you. Now this is wrong, I mean it’s right because I said it, but I’m the only one here and I don’t see anybody, because there is nobody with blood all over them.

Well for one, right now, writing about it has brought them back to the room. Even though they were here last night or early this morning and may not have left, but I knew I was going to write about them this trip and maybe they knew also. Because I haven’t seen them in weeks at my best guess. but then two, they may have been the reason I’ve been in bed this last month almost, 2 weeks at a time. My invitation to them has long expired.