Finally Home

I have been on the road since last Wednesday, a full seven days and I’m so tired of driving, my car even said go home and stay there; I heard it, I swear. Okay, it may have been my laundry, just kidding. It did not help that this morning, oh, I’m sorry. Yesterday morning on my way to my first meeting as I was pulling out of the parking lot still coffee in my lap. Not a bunch but enough make a few stains. Not at all impressive as you’re walking into an office building with coffee stains.

But we start over and go back to Wednesday the 13th. I had a doctors appointment Redlands and I ended up being a half an hour late for that, but started off the week of road trips in a poor light. I made my doctors appointment Wednesday and it was just another double appointment with my pain management Dr. and in speaking with the PA, he tells me that they want to start weaning me off the medication that they have had me on for the last, well, since my injury I had been on serious medication for the pain and for nerve blocking. They did the implant in my neck to help with the pain in my hand, but it didn’t work. So they took it out and during that whole time. Had me on the same medication. What does not make sense to me in this why are they wanting to wean me off now when they still have not fixed the problem in the first place. So it looks like tomorrow my first phone calls will be to my attorney and then to my primary Dr.  to find out what they’re going to do about the original problem that they have done nothing with in three years. The first year, I will admit at least they were attempting to fix my hand and hit me some additional mobility by doing tendon transfers, and aggressive physical therapy on my hand. And that brings up another problem that I don’t know if my attorney is going to take of. After each of my physical therapy sessions  the therapist that manipulated my hand was supposed to fill out a form and on this form there is a notation stating the patient’s pain level at that time. I ended up getting my hands on these forms somehow, which is a good thing because if I had not then I would not have noticed the falsification of these documents. There has not been a day when my pain level is been less than a 10 or nine during that period and on almost every sheet. The therapist wrote anything from a four through a seven. Even if Saddam would’ve been nice, but it never happened. The Therapists work my hand so much that there was nothing I could do but scream on several occasions, and I have and had tears coming out of my eyes because it hurt so bad and they wrote down a six. I was appalled. I gave a copy to my sending of all of those and I don’t know what he is going to do with them, but that is illegal, as all hell.

All right, well, that’s enough for tonight, I’m sorry, this morning. Now I’m getting tired so I’m going to see if I can get some sleep.

I love all of you,

you are my rock,