Welcome to the Daily Post

Welcome to the Daily Post.

Hey everybody, how are you doing? I hope you’re all well and happy. I thought I would update you on my next adventure coming up in the middle of August. I went to school in Tacoma, WA and I attended a total of three different schools in the first one being Mont Downing Elementary from first grade to sixth grade. And then from seventh grade and ninth grade I went to Truman Junior High. On my final three years, 10th grade to my senior year being 12th grade, I went to Woodrow Wilson High School, and I loved every minute of it looking back now anyway. I may not have shown then but looking back now I would love to do it all over again.

well it is late, it is actually tomorrow, so my daily posts for today is now yesterday’s post for tomorrow which is not today.

Remember this, your all loved by somebody and somebody loves all of you. Watch out for each other because we are all we have.

I’ll fill you in more on what’s happening with my reunion tomorrow.


Still striving and driving myself to a better place

I also got bad news today that my Aunt Nancy passed away last night, at about 6 minutes before midnight, so it would be the 28th officially. So right now I am trying to figure out a way to get my mom a copy of a photo of my aunt that my cousin posted yesterday, about 3 1/2 hours before she passed away.

I think I have it figured out, through Walgreens.l Now all my mom has to do is go in and give her name and it should be ready for her. Very cool.


Class Reunion 2012 of the class of Willson High School 1982

The wheels are in motion, made the reservation to fly out of Phoenix on the 15th and obedient Seattle-Tacoma for one week until August 21. I am looking forward to seeing everyone from school and my family and other friends from the area. It has been a couple of years since I have been up there, and while I was there it was primarily for family and did not have a lot of time for catching up with anyone in town. This trip will be different, I do not need anybody to pick me up at the airport or to drop me off, maybe the wake me up in the morning I have an early flight back at 6 AM out of Seattle, sweating all need to be there at 4 AM just glad there is no jet lag involved.
Today most importantly, is my son’s 25th birthday, I think he was two years old when I turned 25. One of the funniest things I remember when he was a baby, which totally separated him from his sister, was that he hated the water; more specifically like a shower. That was how we bathe the babies a few times a week, because we would take him in the shower with those wash them off and am off to the other person, my wife or myself and dried them off and got them dressed. I daughter was fine with it, Kip hated it with passion. It was cute though, as I look back in my minds eye.