My list of TODO’s on WP

Now I forgot, go figure. That might be one thing so I will go with it…

I am not sure when I started forgetting things, or if had been for a long time, even before the accident. But one thing I know for sure is that every person that I know has noticed it more an more ever since I had changed my pain meds to NUYNTA ER 200mg. My pain doc said that if I do not think that they are working, call and schedule an appt for a month away from then, which was on the eighth

Add how much stuff I get started and do not stay on them until they are done, I end up starting something else.

Like last night I finished my laundry, but as far as putting them away, I decided to clean out a couple of my drawers from a dresser so my jeans would fit in the drawers. in them are sweaters and some shorts that have become a little snug around the waist. so I am going to donate what I cannot wear anymore. That is going to be quite a few.

3:53 am

When it hurts so bad that I want to yell

3:05 pm I am sitting at my computer chatting with some friends on Facebook and trying to get some things straightened out in my files my hand is killing me.  I am getting a sharp pain-more like dull sharp stabbing in my forearm on the inside, even though that area is numb to the touch it still hurts like a son of a bitch.

It is now at quarter after 8 PM, and my hand is killing me.  I have already taken my pills for dinner and in that batch was a large blue pill that is supposed to be stronger and longer lasting, 12 hours is the duration they say.  Along with the other pills that I think, methadone, a Soma, and the Percocet and offhand I cannot remember what else was there and that was no more than 2 1/2 hours ago and my hand is killing me even worse than before we went to dinner.

I have not told to many people this but I will explain it here, and that is another problem I am having because of the meds. A few months ago I went to a place called Islands for lunch and just before I was finished with my sandwich and ready to take the last couple of bites, I bit down on something that should not have been in my sandwich, I have no idea what it was but when I bit down and started chewing, it chipped one of my teeth in the back, one of my molars I guess. it started cutting my tongue on the right side/had to watch how I did everything speaking, eating good drinking a glass of water or bottled water it would cut my tongue.  Swallowing was the worst.  Well then shortly after that I noticed on the left side of my mouth at the base of one of my other motors it was cracked or something right at the gum line just above it, and I am sure this is an over exaggeration but to me it feels like it is about an eighth of an inch wide or rather tall and it goes from the front of the molar to the back of the more and at times that would cut my tongue.  Then about six weeks ago maybe longer, on the upper left side of my mouth another to use broke off and is very sharp on the inside and that went to was the worst one yet for cutting my tongue.  So far those are the only three, I think there are three that have cracked or chipped but the first one I mentioned on the right side has gotten even worse.  I can feel pain going down into my jaw which I never felt before and it just hurts like a son of a bitch.  Between my tooth and my hand, my life really sucks. the doctors would probably chew me out for what I am doing right now; I have taken two aspirin and putting it down inside the area between my cheek and gum near that tooth.  And the reason I say that is because of the medication I am already on, and the aspirin would not help with the chemical process the other pills I believe.

dammit, I was in the militant wing something and now I cannot remember what it was.  That is it, I need to go and my settings and make a change but I cannot find the right spot so I will be back. Okay, I think I found it.  This will decide whether the setting I picked change, cannot vs. can’t, yea.  Unless I am writing a formal document I am going to use contractions.  I went to take a small break now that I stressed over that and I will be back.

Final Shoot for a Project that should Pay Off

I am going to go out and get some good shots of the area, I only hope that my client really loves my work.

She had already said she wanted a couple of my pieces, so now it’s time to go shoot the rest of her imagination.

I am nervous but I think I will get what she wants.

I just my hand doesn’t become a problem, I wish I could take it off and put it aside until I need it. Well, that won’t work because I do need it all of the time, but it hurts so much. I would buy another stand, but I am afraid it will fall apart like the first one, tripod, that is what I meant. anyway,,,,,,

I am out on a shoot, text me or call if you need me.

Love you all.

Heading out for my Class Reunion of 30 years

I have been running around the house trying to get things outside so I do not have to deal with them when I get back. Then too I had been running around town and inside the house making sure I don not have to worry about my privacy while I am gone also. I put a new door knob and dead bolt on my bedroom door. I know, you are probably thinking that is pretty odd to put that much security on ones own bedroom door. Well unfortunately the trust of a half brother of mine has got to be earned and he has had his whole life to do that, from what I have heard, he still has no respect for other peoples property. If I could put more locks on the the door, I would.

Aside from that, my class reunion, man oh man. I never went to my 10th, or my 20th. So here I am going to my 30th. I am expecting a good time all around. The golf tournament on Friday should be a blast; that is if I don’t hit anything or anyone, lol. I have tried to swing a club, but my left hand doesn’t stay with the club.

And then parties Friday night and Saturday night. I have a hotel room reserved at a Travel Lodge in Fife for those night so if anyone needs a place to crash out for the night and didn’t have place else to go. Making it sort of like a flop house if you will.

So I am signing out for now, Might be back on when I am in Sky Harbor, or even Salt Lake City. Until then, you all take care.

Love to all


I had been work…

I had been working on details of my trip to Tacoma/Seattle and all of a sudden I look at the clock a bit ago and it was after 3pm. It then felt like only about 10 or 15 minutes went by and it’s actually 5:30pm. And no, not necessarily am I having fun, I feel like I am working though, which is a good thing. i am trying to get everything squared away, get my desk cleaned off of little “to do’s” that need “to be done”. So I guess it is a little fun.being productive. Plus I got my film back from Walmart, that I dropped off a month ago. Three rolls of film and I only hope they look as good as what I shot. 

I am feeling great today, I don’;t really feel “bogged down” like I have on other days. Maybe it’s the thought of being in the position I am in and able to go home for my class reunion, (even though the dogs are barking non-stop, I am still maintaining my sanity, what there is of it). 

I absolutely love my Direct TV. But…., yep, there it is, the big BUT; and it has to do with the billing. I have been with them for, damn, 4, maybe 5 years. At least 4 anyway, and I got an email that my bill is coming due soon. I kind of like that, they let me know in plenty of time before it is actually due, but when I clicked on the email and opened it just now, it shot up to $210, but I have to have my football. I just realized that my bill has been flexing from one number to another, only by a couple of bucks, but still, I’ll call them tomorrow and find out why, I don’t order any movies so it doesn’t make sense. I’ll find out though. But if you want FOOTBALL, let me know if you want to sign up for Direct TV, you can always just get a basic package and even go into vacation mode when outside of the football season.

Well, now that dinner has passed, rather finished up and not passed. I am going to go through some film and hopefully I will have some good shots, 

Until later, Ciao, my Love to all.

A new day, a new weekend, and only days left

only days left for my trip home for my class reunion. My 30 years class reunion, I never thought I would make it to the age of 30 let alone 30 years to the reunion of my high school graduation. I used to do some pretty crazy stuff, the mildest of just playing Frisbee with a radical format of climbing and jumping over anything and everything that even got in the way just to catch the disc.

Anyway, that is probably why my back and knees feel the way they do. But on to other things. I am on my way out to do some photo shoots of the area, see what I can get for this job I am commissioned for.

Until later my friends, Love and Gods Speed to all.

Getting my Feet Wet

I have started to get my feet wet, in a sense anyway. I have been slowly working on my artwork and gradually getting into it more and more. Trying to finish up some pieces that I have been working on for some time. I have also started to get into photography, I have a Minolta 35mm camera that takes film and is not digital. Buying the film is one thing but then getting the film developed is a whole different story. I took seven rolls of film into CVS and it cost me $110. They were all 24 exposure and one role only came back with 17 pictures on it. But that was okay, I think that was the learning stage of the camera and not much was coming out. I have three roles at Walmart that should be ready now actually, so I do not know how much that is going to cost. Now I do have my digital camera which is a 12.2 megapixel and it is amazing with what it can do but I would still prefer to have a 35mm digital, but that will have to wait, considering that they are about $1500.
So now back to how I am getting my feet wet, there is a restaurant here in town and she still needs decorations about, pictures and such. And she wants to go with the theme of the area that we live in. I have got some things I have taken already does because I wanted to have that picture/view in my portfolio. So last night I met with the owner of this restaurant and I had my laptop with me and I showed her some of the pictures that I have taken of the area and she is going to go for at least a couple of and she also told me what she was really going for in setting up the motif for the restaurant. And with any luck, I will have my name on them with a price and my phone number and what we will do is have the same pitcher in the backroom as a print and it will be numbered as an artist proof and we will leave that piece on the wall undisturbed as it will be the original and only sold at a higher price. Maybe, considering their photos developed at Walmart I could not very well say one is more valuable than another. Now as far as printing awful my artwork, yes the original would be set at a higher price.
So that is getting my feet wet, and with any luck I will be able to hang my original artwork, well copies anyway, in the bar attached to the dining room. And in that respect I can hopefully sell some pieces and get my name out there as a local artist. So wish me luck, and until next time;

Getting out for some sun, and a little yard work

We have this puppy that is more like a garbage disposal, landscaper, gardener, shredder, and maybe even half goat, but actually is a  rottweiler mix. Anyway, last night at around 9 o’clock, she (Kali) brought into the house several branches from a tree type plant we have out back. I am not sure of the type of tree or even plant it might be, but it does have pretty flowers when they bloom. So to hopefully keep her from bringing anymore of the plants branches into the house, because this morning she brought in about half as much as last night, I think she would have brought in more if I had not gone out to make coffee and caught her.

So after I got the coffee going, I grabbed some pruning shears and the trashcan and proceeded to clean everything off of the plant that was from about 4 feet and below.  This plant stands about 7 feet or more as it is.  Hopefully now available in more because I did get rid of a lot of dead stuff also.  I also found a rope/heavy string that was tight around the bottom of this plant to keep the branches closer together but evidently at one point it had fallen and was not doing what it was supposed to, so I retired it around the heavier branches so would bring them more together and turned it up a little bit more after that and hopefully it will look a lot better in the next couple of weeks as this thing grows.  Plus I hope it will keep Kalli from bringing in any more of those branches because she cannot quite reach them.

Okay, time for me to go outside before it gets too hot, which will probably be around 98 according to the weather info on the internet, more than likely though, it will reach triple digits. So until later, you all have a good day and I will write back to us after noon.