Getting my Feet Wet

I have started to get my feet wet, in a sense anyway. I have been slowly working on my artwork and gradually getting into it more and more. Trying to finish up some pieces that I have been working on for some time. I have also started to get into photography, I have a Minolta 35mm camera that takes film and is not digital. Buying the film is one thing but then getting the film developed is a whole different story. I took seven rolls of film into CVS and it cost me $110. They were all 24 exposure and one role only came back with 17 pictures on it. But that was okay, I think that was the learning stage of the camera and not much was coming out. I have three roles at Walmart that should be ready now actually, so I do not know how much that is going to cost. Now I do have my digital camera which is a 12.2 megapixel and it is amazing with what it can do but I would still prefer to have a 35mm digital, but that will have to wait, considering that they are about $1500.
So now back to how I am getting my feet wet, there is a restaurant here in town and she still needs decorations about, pictures and such. And she wants to go with the theme of the area that we live in. I have got some things I have taken already does because I wanted to have that picture/view in my portfolio. So last night I met with the owner of this restaurant and I had my laptop with me and I showed her some of the pictures that I have taken of the area and she is going to go for at least a couple of and she also told me what she was really going for in setting up the motif for the restaurant. And with any luck, I will have my name on them with a price and my phone number and what we will do is have the same pitcher in the backroom as a print and it will be numbered as an artist proof and we will leave that piece on the wall undisturbed as it will be the original and only sold at a higher price. Maybe, considering their photos developed at Walmart I could not very well say one is more valuable than another. Now as far as printing awful my artwork, yes the original would be set at a higher price.
So that is getting my feet wet, and with any luck I will be able to hang my original artwork, well copies anyway, in the bar attached to the dining room. And in that respect I can hopefully sell some pieces and get my name out there as a local artist. So wish me luck, and until next time;