I had been work…

I had been working on details of my trip to Tacoma/Seattle and all of a sudden I look at the clock a bit ago and it was after 3pm. It then felt like only about 10 or 15 minutes went by and it’s actually 5:30pm. And no, not necessarily am I having fun, I feel like I am working though, which is a good thing. i am trying to get everything squared away, get my desk cleaned off of little “to do’s” that need “to be done”. So I guess it is a little fun.being productive. Plus I got my film back from Walmart, that I dropped off a month ago. Three rolls of film and I only hope they look as good as what I shot. 

I am feeling great today, I don’;t really feel “bogged down” like I have on other days. Maybe it’s the thought of being in the position I am in and able to go home for my class reunion, (even though the dogs are barking non-stop, I am still maintaining my sanity, what there is of it). 

I absolutely love my Direct TV. But…., yep, there it is, the big BUT; and it has to do with the billing. I have been with them for, damn, 4, maybe 5 years. At least 4 anyway, and I got an email that my bill is coming due soon. I kind of like that, they let me know in plenty of time before it is actually due, but when I clicked on the email and opened it just now, it shot up to $210, but I have to have my football. I just realized that my bill has been flexing from one number to another, only by a couple of bucks, but still, I’ll call them tomorrow and find out why, I don’t order any movies so it doesn’t make sense. I’ll find out though. But if you want FOOTBALL, let me know if you want to sign up for Direct TV, you can always just get a basic package and even go into vacation mode when outside of the football season.

Well, now that dinner has passed, rather finished up and not passed. I am going to go through some film and hopefully I will have some good shots, 

Until later, Ciao, my Love to all.