Heading out for my Class Reunion of 30 years

I have been running around the house trying to get things outside so I do not have to deal with them when I get back. Then too I had been running around town and inside the house making sure I don not have to worry about my privacy while I am gone also. I put a new door knob and dead bolt on my bedroom door. I know, you are probably thinking that is pretty odd to put that much security on ones own bedroom door. Well unfortunately the trust of a half brother of mine has got to be earned and he has had his whole life to do that, from what I have heard, he still has no respect for other peoples property. If I could put more locks on the the door, I would.

Aside from that, my class reunion, man oh man. I never went to my 10th, or my 20th. So here I am going to my 30th. I am expecting a good time all around. The golf tournament on Friday should be a blast; that is if I don’t hit anything or anyone, lol. I have tried to swing a club, but my left hand doesn’t stay with the club.

And then parties Friday night and Saturday night. I have a hotel room reserved at a Travel Lodge in Fife for those night so if anyone needs a place to crash out for the night and didn’t have place else to go. Making it sort of like a flop house if you will.

So I am signing out for now, Might be back on when I am in Sky Harbor, or even Salt Lake City. Until then, you all take care.

Love to all