When it hurts so bad that I want to yell

3:05 pm I am sitting at my computer chatting with some friends on Facebook and trying to get some things straightened out in my files my hand is killing me.  I am getting a sharp pain-more like dull sharp stabbing in my forearm on the inside, even though that area is numb to the touch it still hurts like a son of a bitch.

It is now at quarter after 8 PM, and my hand is killing me.  I have already taken my pills for dinner and in that batch was a large blue pill that is supposed to be stronger and longer lasting, 12 hours is the duration they say.  Along with the other pills that I think, methadone, a Soma, and the Percocet and offhand I cannot remember what else was there and that was no more than 2 1/2 hours ago and my hand is killing me even worse than before we went to dinner.

I have not told to many people this but I will explain it here, and that is another problem I am having because of the meds. A few months ago I went to a place called Islands for lunch and just before I was finished with my sandwich and ready to take the last couple of bites, I bit down on something that should not have been in my sandwich, I have no idea what it was but when I bit down and started chewing, it chipped one of my teeth in the back, one of my molars I guess. it started cutting my tongue on the right side/had to watch how I did everything speaking, eating good drinking a glass of water or bottled water it would cut my tongue.  Swallowing was the worst.  Well then shortly after that I noticed on the left side of my mouth at the base of one of my other motors it was cracked or something right at the gum line just above it, and I am sure this is an over exaggeration but to me it feels like it is about an eighth of an inch wide or rather tall and it goes from the front of the molar to the back of the more and at times that would cut my tongue.  Then about six weeks ago maybe longer, on the upper left side of my mouth another to use broke off and is very sharp on the inside and that went to was the worst one yet for cutting my tongue.  So far those are the only three, I think there are three that have cracked or chipped but the first one I mentioned on the right side has gotten even worse.  I can feel pain going down into my jaw which I never felt before and it just hurts like a son of a bitch.  Between my tooth and my hand, my life really sucks. the doctors would probably chew me out for what I am doing right now; I have taken two aspirin and putting it down inside the area between my cheek and gum near that tooth.  And the reason I say that is because of the medication I am already on, and the aspirin would not help with the chemical process the other pills I believe.

dammit, I was in the militant wing something and now I cannot remember what it was.  That is it, I need to go and my settings and make a change but I cannot find the right spot so I will be back. Okay, I think I found it.  This will decide whether the setting I picked change, cannot vs. can’t, yea.  Unless I am writing a formal document I am going to use contractions.  I went to take a small break now that I stressed over that and I will be back.