Getting my Feet Wet

I have started to get my feet wet, in a sense anyway. I have been slowly working on my artwork and gradually getting into it more and more. Trying to finish up some pieces that I have been working on for some time. I have also started to get into photography, I have a Minolta 35mm camera that takes film and is not digital. Buying the film is one thing but then getting the film developed is a whole different story. I took seven rolls of film into CVS and it cost me $110. They were all 24 exposure and one role only came back with 17 pictures on it. But that was okay, I think that was the learning stage of the camera and not much was coming out. I have three roles at Walmart that should be ready now actually, so I do not know how much that is going to cost. Now I do have my digital camera which is a 12.2 megapixel and it is amazing with what it can do but I would still prefer to have a 35mm digital, but that will have to wait, considering that they are about $1500.
So now back to how I am getting my feet wet, there is a restaurant here in town and she still needs decorations about, pictures and such. And she wants to go with the theme of the area that we live in. I have got some things I have taken already does because I wanted to have that picture/view in my portfolio. So last night I met with the owner of this restaurant and I had my laptop with me and I showed her some of the pictures that I have taken of the area and she is going to go for at least a couple of and she also told me what she was really going for in setting up the motif for the restaurant. And with any luck, I will have my name on them with a price and my phone number and what we will do is have the same pitcher in the backroom as a print and it will be numbered as an artist proof and we will leave that piece on the wall undisturbed as it will be the original and only sold at a higher price. Maybe, considering their photos developed at Walmart I could not very well say one is more valuable than another. Now as far as printing awful my artwork, yes the original would be set at a higher price.
So that is getting my feet wet, and with any luck I will be able to hang my original artwork, well copies anyway, in the bar attached to the dining room. And in that respect I can hopefully sell some pieces and get my name out there as a local artist. So wish me luck, and until next time;

Getting out for some sun, and a little yard work

We have this puppy that is more like a garbage disposal, landscaper, gardener, shredder, and maybe even half goat, but actually is a  rottweiler mix. Anyway, last night at around 9 o’clock, she (Kali) brought into the house several branches from a tree type plant we have out back. I am not sure of the type of tree or even plant it might be, but it does have pretty flowers when they bloom. So to hopefully keep her from bringing anymore of the plants branches into the house, because this morning she brought in about half as much as last night, I think she would have brought in more if I had not gone out to make coffee and caught her.

So after I got the coffee going, I grabbed some pruning shears and the trashcan and proceeded to clean everything off of the plant that was from about 4 feet and below.  This plant stands about 7 feet or more as it is.  Hopefully now available in more because I did get rid of a lot of dead stuff also.  I also found a rope/heavy string that was tight around the bottom of this plant to keep the branches closer together but evidently at one point it had fallen and was not doing what it was supposed to, so I retired it around the heavier branches so would bring them more together and turned it up a little bit more after that and hopefully it will look a lot better in the next couple of weeks as this thing grows.  Plus I hope it will keep Kalli from bringing in any more of those branches because she cannot quite reach them.

Okay, time for me to go outside before it gets too hot, which will probably be around 98 according to the weather info on the internet, more than likely though, it will reach triple digits. So until later, you all have a good day and I will write back to us after noon.