Good Morning America

I think I got a solid 2 hours of sleep in bed, I nodded off here and thee while at my desk, but i would snap to it once my head start tipping. I leave in just about 48 hours, but I will be going to my daughters, boyfriend’s condo in Phoenix tomorrow night, so I can leave my car there in the gated complex and feel more at ease about where it’s at and not have to pay for airport parking either. This way they can run me to the airport Wed morning.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am so looking forward to going and seeing my mom, brother, and sister; and on top of that the list goes on and on for other people I hope to catch up with. I definitely have to be here in Cali on the 23 for an appointment on the 24th, so If I wanted to push it, I might stay a couple of more days and return on the 23rd and then the next morning, head on up to Needles, CA for my appoint. Ohhhh, decisions, decisions, decisions…..

I am also watching the last few days of the Olympics that I had recorded. Right now they have Men’s Marathon Swim, well they they changed it, now to fast fwd to find something a little more of my interest. Okay, here we go, men’s wrestling and in the meantime I am also going through these photos I had taken a bit over a month ago.

Right on, I know it has already played out, but Jordan Burroughs is now heading to the final round to wrestle for the gold. very cool. Way to Rock Dude!!!

Now I am trying to find an app by Google that will help me set some pics up in a panoramic view. I thought I had  one but it turns one photo into five. Dam, still searching, and I found nothing that would let me put pics together and create a single pic/panoramic pic, and I cannot remember what the name of the one site I saw previewed that says just drop in your pics and it does the work. I’ll find it and let you guys know.

So until later, I am going to write up a new post because it has nothing to do with these topics.

Ciao, until next time