How do people believe what is not true, not correct, not righteous morally or ethically?

I am brought to a question that I find one that should to have to be asked, or rather a topic that should be common sense.
Common Sense; was once used by a CEO of a Financial Advisory company who also sold life insurance. His Mantra was “Common Sense” and it went very well for the company and their goals.
But the bottom line is just that, common sense, and I am not referring to financial advice or life insurance.
It is like this, when I travel and stay with friends or just other people, I do not use their stuff, especially in the bathroom. The only thing I might do is to ask to use a towel if I need to use the shower, or a hand towel to wash up and dry my hands and face with.
I do not go into other peoples home’s, oh yes, this includes a relatives house. Once you move out of your parents home, it is no long your home, even if you have to move back in for any reason, it is still not your house, not your home. That being the situation, you leave things where they are, or you ask about making changes. One just does not return and assume everything is yours to mess with. You do not use anything you did not specifically purchase and put anywhere. If it is not yours, and you should know dam well if it is or not, than ask to use it or leave it the hell alone.
Sorry, that is one of my pet peeves. Just like the old saying, that if it isn’t broke, don’t mess with it.
Well now I think have vented enough, and with the help of some Jazz and Blues music by Diana Krall, I am in a much better mood, and I wasn’t really in a bad one, I just wanted to vent some possible future attitudes. Everything is good, My hawks won last Thurs. and they are so far undefeated in preseason, they start the season on next Sunday, the 9th.
Anyway, I have got to finish this project with these photos I have been taking.
I will be back to share some of my thoughts.