My hand is freaking killing me, sitting here at my desk and my left arm is underneath the keyboard tray and my hand twitched for who knows why and smacked the underside of the keyboard tray with my knuckles and that added to the pain I was already enduring.  Right now it is 11:26 AM and I have already taken my morning pills about 830 when I got back from the desert.  I think I can go ahead and take my lunch time pills.  I don’t know what is causing it, but my hand for some reason this hurting more and more lately as the days go by I try and move my fingers to exercise them and that hurts but it’s manageable but the overall crushing sensation has gotten worse and my hand tremors a lot and I don’t know why.  My next appointment is on September 4 with Dr. Bergey and I will probably only see Jay-Z which is fine, but I have to let him know about these tremors and see if it’s a side effect of one of my meds.

Well I just had something happen that has not happened in quite some time it seems.  It is now 11:38 AM on Thursday, 08/31/2012.  And what happened was I felt this jolt, some sort of shock as if from electricity but no burn on my skin.  I is 102 with anyone else is having that and the feeling at random times.  And where on their body are they having it Mike and shoulders or legs face on that or from the back. @ of in anehave our pastnergy pick me around this time from my midsection to the top of my head and shoulders second burst of energy is hit me, it’s really hard to describe based have the most time in and just different parts of my body odor can figure out what they were.

It is now 12:11 PMis I just had another jolt from the back this time. It does not hurt when these jolts occur, it is more shocking to me mentally, that it happened and I don’t know why and the strength of that jolts sometimes knocks me back a little bit.  Sometimes it’s real powerful, and other times it’s like a gentle nudge, like somebody’s nudging you along but it’s larger than just a hand.  You see what I mean, it’s hard to describe this sensation that I have now and then at random times and I don’t know what to do about it.  I will tell my doctors about it and I think I have told them about it but it looks like I might have to tell him again, it may be a side effect of one of the meds.

One thing that occurred at the top of my morning, is that I get stuck in the sand over by P Mountain.  I wanted to get the right shot for the morning sunrise coming up over the key mountain and I got several this morning