Do You Think That You Have and Show Respect?

The bottom line is, if you are that one person that has it all figured out, knows all of the answers, than tell me what I need to know. Instead of complaining about something someone has done or is doing, offer to help with it. The reason I say this, is because if you are that person who also believes you are right all of the time, you really need to check yourself at the door, leave all of your attitudes behind and outside; because I could care less about what you know, about who you know if you are going to sport a cocky attitude.  Do I look like a god damn babysitter?  NO!

Respect, show it by not stealing from your family. You feel that you should be trusted and everyone should respect you with whatever and whenever? Then you have to earn the trust you feel you deserve. Prove that you have changed and are no longer a thief.

But you need to help me do that, and how you ask? I sure as hell am not going to put my wallet out there with any cash and then see if any of it is missing later. I can vouch for myself that if I am in your house as a guest in any manor, I have no reason to take anything that is not mine; this includes personal property, as in jewelry, or any form of cash or even pocket change. You, as my client, or even as a friend or family member have nothing within your portfolio of property and assets that I may want so bad to steal it from you. It makes me ill to even think that a person should take something from someone without permission. It is absolutely appalling. For example, if there is a “Safe“, yes a safe that has some significant weight so that it is not so easy to run off with and a combination that has to be dialed in before one can access it. If this “safe” was to happen to end up broken into, and it belonged to you father and your bed ridden mother who is going to die within a couple of years, do you think that is a move on your behalf that deserves respect?

The reason I wrote this post is to just get some clarity out into the world.  Nothing I said here is anything that you shouldn’t already know as a mature adult.  But the thing is, I know people that haven’t a single clue as to what any of this means, isn’t that amazing.  I find it just absolutely ridiculous that this common sense stuff, has to be literally shoved in their face.  Now too, don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular individual, because these people know who you are.  You’re just too ignorant to follow common sense rules and guidelines to get by in life.  Because of that, your ignorance, those of you who are doing that are blaming everyone else for your faults.