Hey people’s, do you want to be HAPPY?


The following is a copy of a statement I copied that I found to be so true to the word.

I Am giving THANKS for today, and for all my relations! Thank you, my beloved family, and friends…the ones I get to see all the time, AND the many dear beloveds I see only through the ‘inner-net’ within my heart. It is amazing to feel so intimately connected with many thousands upon hundreds of thousands of awakening souls…(it’s been that way since I can remember) Yes, I FEEL YOU, and yes, we all feel each other, and I want you to know that I Love you ALL, and I thank you for shining your light rays in my direction. ♥ I feel it every time someone puts on the BAND of LIGHT and starts dancing, singing, and getting their heart all fired up…I get tickled, and it’s as if the frequency of awakening is made just a little bit more attainable for everyone else… It is an honor to walk the path of awakening with you at this time… for here we are on this day of Equinox…and now, we enter our last ‘turn of the wheel’ which will take us right to the doorway of Winter Solstice, 2012 and beyond. Look around! The distractions may seem to be at an all time high, but so are MIRACLES. Heaven on Earth is already here. 🙂 Let’s start to enjoy it… ♥ Love,  (Elijah)

This statement is as much true to the way I feel as much as the sun comes up every day.

Right now I am working on going through and organizing my photos with FineArtAmerica.com, and adding a few that needed to be submitted. There are contests quite often and I have started to Post some of my work within those contests and hopefully get some recognition.

I am here in online for a while longer this evening, you can send me a text message to my other number so I can use the computer to respond to written with, that number is 760-545-4674. And on top of that I am working on one of the portraits also, so I’m keeping busy to least.

Until later, Ciao