Frustrating, but only a minor setback

Hey you guys,

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying the change of the seasons, leaving summer behind and moving on into fall with cooler nights cooler days.

When I mentioned frustrating, a few hours ago I was uploading some pictures or updated pictures onto FAA, (Fine Arts America) the website I use for posting my artwork and photos.  I had to hurry so I could get to dinner at a friends as otherwise they wouldn’t have posted after being gone a few hours.  The site would’ve automatically log me out so I wanted to get them posted and I thought I had but unfortunately I must have missed something in the steps to finish and complete the process.

I had even written out my biography or the website that I have been a member of for a couple of years and I finally broke down and decided to complete the biography.  But when I look back in my profile that wasn’t there; so that is what I meant by frustrating.

So look for the updates, there should be posted notices on Facebook and twitter messages here in a bit.

Love to all of you