I started physical therapy last week, and it’s about time; after 3 1/2 years

For those of you that know, this is a an update to my hopefully progress and my situation.  I had been authorized for a dozen visits for physical therapy and I was really surprised because it had been so long since I have asked in the first place.  I had asked and asked about physical therapy or the last three years and I have gotten nothing.  But the good thing is, I have not gotten the run-around, they just didn’t do anything.  Unfortunately the focus was on my neck where they put an implant to help block the pain signals from my hand to my brain.  This unit works as far as sending a signal to my hand but it was not doing anything to mask the pain, the pain in my hand just either was so severe it will basically overrode the unit or it just was designed for a different type of pain situation.  Now this is not like putting on a neck brace or a glove or even the wristband, the end of September of 2010 is when they initially installed the implant in my neck.  It felt odd the way it was setting in on my spine, as if it was not even with my spine and swear would work effectively so I asked my doctor to look into it and in doing so he showed me the films and he agreed that the implant was cocked to one side more than being parallel to my spine so he got approval for another surgery to go in and just change the placement of the implant, that was in February of 2011.  Something must have happened when they did the adjustment, because within two weeks the unit quit working.  I had my contact person with the manufacturer even look into it and she said that there was something wrong with the unit itself in my neck.  She, (my contact representative for the implant unit) made the determination that the product was defective and that they were going to have to go back in and replace it.  I have already had two surgeries on my neck and now they want to go in for a third within a month after the second surgery.  Fortunately my daughter lived close so after my surgery, because it was an outpatient surgery, I had a couple of hours of recovery and until the anesthesia wore off and I was able to walk on my own and after that I was ready to do whatever, go home or whatever.  I thank God everyday that my daughter was there and had an apartment close by because the pain was so intense and my neck and shoulders.  I laid on the couch as often as I could but there are times where a person has to get up and use the bathroom.  During those times when I had to get up to use the bathroom, I could barely get my head up and off the pillows without the pain being so bad, it felt like I was on one of those antique torture machines where they stretch your arms away from your body and they would crank it and crank it. and for some reason, the slightest degree of an angle where it instantly start putting pressure on my shoulders and adjoining or at my spine in my neck and causing even more pain and as I got you a more vertical, the polling and the pain got even worse.  A couple of times I did manage to get into the bathroom and back to bed as fast as I possibly could and it didn’t matter, the pain was so intense that I wish that upon nobody not even my third wife, but that can be negotiable; just kidding  I would not do that, ;-).

There was an attempt with a very dear friend of mine to help me go to the restroom while still laying down but more so on my side so that I could aim into a bottle to take care of my business.  Just as it felt like I was able to go to the bathroom, my daughter’s boyfriend came home from work and here I am with my manhood in a woman’s hand aiming it into a bottle or a vase I think we used, or tried to use.  I am not normally shy about going to the bathroom or anything else, but it was just really strange to see him walk through the door while in the middle of this, well while getting started anyway.  To say the least, the result of this attempt to relieve my bladder ended in defeat, because I kind of started laughing, but not too hard because just to be laughing or the chuckling hurt like hell. {between you and me, I’m glad I was able to get at least semi erect while she was helping,)

It took me a full week to recover from that surgery.  With all the medication I’m on right now or the first reason, which was my accident in 2008.  There has not been a single medication given to me that actually takes the pain away or even relieves the pain that I notice much or even partly.  None of my medication can even relieve me of a simple headache, and it didn’t have matter how many muscle relaxes I took and they still would not work on my shoulders.  So the unit was back in and after about a month or two are still using it was useless to even use it it did nothing for me so I told the doctor there were demands will just take it out because of that in itself was causing sharp pains in my spine at my neck.  I would get a sharp shooting sensation going up or down my neck from that surgery point and even now I still am but my surgeries are not done with my neck, because of the problems it was causing in my neck with the shooting sensations of sharp pain.

So I weighed the two out, I wrote down the pro’s and cons on whether the implant was worth keeping in or having it removed.  Dealing with phishing sensations in my neck I could not handle anymore, it didn’t matter what I did but out of the blue I would feel if shooting sensation in my neck, is randomly and when I would try to get it to do it on purpose, I would get nothing and even when I used my right arm to reach out for the milk in the fridge suddenly I get shooting sensation in my neck and I would then drop the milk or whatever I was reaching for.  Taking a shower was even more impossible than when I first got hurt.  So at my next doctor’s appointment, I requested to have the implant removed.

So within a couple of months we have approval and scheduled the removal of the spinal cord implant, and that was done on May fourth of 2012.