A very interesting last few days

Over the last four years I have lost more control over certain things that are basic for everyone else, it seemed like it was one thing after another if not twice that, and that alone compounded not just by a year after year, or month after month, but it was day after day where I literally had no control.

In one aspect, I have just regained the control that put the most burden on me, but I am nowhere near being able to reach the top of the other issues that I have been having to deal with for 4 1/2 years. 

I am still going through physical therapy and whether it is actually helping or not, I would say it is but we have a long ways to go.  I have already made mention to the therapist that is working with me that this is what I had been asking for for the last three years; this facility is using such different tools for me to work my hand and this should have been done a long time ago.  Even during my implant stage I should’ve been going through this particular type of physical therapy.  I hurt like hell when I’m finished because of the fatigue that had been put on my hand and fingers and my wrist and even into my forearm.  The fatigue wears off fairly quick and the pain continues to take over and is even there during the fatigue because it hurts so bad.  Unfortunately the insurance company only authorized for 12 sessions.  One thing I don’t think they realize though is the fact that one of his 12 sessions, and that would be the first session; is my initial consultation and no treatment is given. I believe additional sessions would definitely help, but it still may not get me to where I need to be.

Another problem I have been having over the last few months and I have still got no word on any kind of a referral and ironing board and more pain every day.  Because of the narcotics I have been taking for, four and a half years, has caused an will problem my mouth and causes what is called “dry mouth”. a few months ago I was at Ireland’s restaurant in Palm Desert and that one of my final bites of my meal, I had been down on something very hard and it cracked one of my molars and chipped part of the tooth.  Short time after that, I don’t recall what I was eating but I had shipped another tooth but on the left side, and violated the first one was on the right side.  Then another time shortly after that, the upper left side chipped also and this one was so sharp where it  chipped and instantly began cutting my tongue even worse than the other two had been during.  But over the last couple weeks, the first cracked his on my right side feels like it had cracked even further down into my jaw and that pain is such an ache that I can’t even think straight on top of the other reasons I can’t think straight anymore.  At least once a day I’d take two aspirin and let them rest on the inside of my lower right cheek and just let them dissolve and oddly enough that has relieved some pain in my jaw but it is nowhere near anything long-term.  I’ve called my attorney about three or four times find out about the status of getting a release checked out an approved for some work to be done to fix them but I have yet to hear anything positive. Hopefully soon I will hear something but I will call my attorney again tomorrow and see if she’s heard anything from the insurance company.

New topic, earlier this evening or I should say last night, one of our dogs were barking like crazy then another one of them started to follow suit; and she has a louder bark.  So I went out to take a look at what they were barking at and I didn’t see anything but I went outside the gate and kept the dogs in the yard in case they were excited and decided to run off after whatever they thought they saw.  I walked around for a minute or two and I saw no one or anything and I came back to the gate.  I used my left hand to hold on to the stable or fixed portion of the gate while my right hand was pulling him close and somehow or another my left thumb nail got caught underneath something on the fence and I didn’t notice it until I pulled my hand away.  My fingernails are sure so there’s no reason for them to really get caught on anything but somehow it did and when I walked away it twisted and that hurt beyond belief, granted right now it doesn’t hurt, and I hope it stays that way.  That pain was so unbelievable and I ended up coming in the house and taking more pain meds, actually I took my bedtime meds and that was only about an hour if that after I had already taken my dinner meds so you would think I’d be asleep right now with all the crap they keep pumping into me.

I am going to write another post, possibly a couple because it’s about two different people, maybe even a third because of the third person.

Until next time thank you for your time,

my love to all of you and my deepest respect

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