after midnight and not quite one o’clock

before you read any further, there are some photos here that are from a work injury but our mementos  to me from when my life had changed completely. they are not self-inflicted other than the fact that it was from a work injury, and I took the pictures when I had the opportunity.  So you may,if you want to anyway review them before showing them to others.  Most people don’t mind them, because maybe they had seen worse.


It has been several days since my last post, and it has actually been several days of since I’ve done anything really.  Was out about Friday mostly because I had a physical therapy appointment.  I blew off two appointments today that I should have gone to I just don’t feel like I’m rested when I wake up in the mornings.  Now I’m not always up at this hour, but I do at times stay up this late or later if not all all nighters.  I posted a couple of pictures on my Facebook page today, rather yesterday, of my arm, my injury from over four years ago.  Don’t worry, I won’t leave you out, in fact in this first photo; this is where they finally got the artery to stop bleeding.  I still have to clean my hand which was fine of event I can not move my fingers at this point.


in this following picture you will see what actually happened from the accident.  Yes it’s real and I’ve had people tell me, not that photo was fake.  But I assure you that it is 100% real and believe me I wish it was not.


this is what it looked like a week and a half later.  The doctors waited from Tuesday until Friday to operate and this is what they did the following Friday they took the bandages off and this is what it looked like.  I wish I could say it was over then and I went back to work and everything was hunky-dory just like any other time.  Continue on,,,,,,


I know, these pictures are not exactly what you send home to your mother on a holiday.  But this is one of them going through or over four years.  I lost everything monetarily that meant anything to me, For example my household furnishings, which took like everybody else knows years to build up.I’ve had to move in with family and I thank God for their support.

I have no idea when my case with the insurance company will settle, but I just hope the compensation is worth it because the time I’ve lost, and the life of lost is irreplaceable.  Once in my life I finally found a job that I loved waking up to and going to every morning and then this happens.  Whatever this was and is I would not wish it upon anybody.

So my friend, Superman, if you read this and I hope you do, not that this is an excuse for my medical errors the other day but I use a voice dictation program and I do not always catch the errors it makes when dictating now if I was to be writing this as an actual printed publication in a biography to clean it up at that time, I just asked that if you’re in a critique my grammatical errors, wait until I’m making money off of my writings, ha ha, but thank you my friend.

I have just started receiving some additional financial help which wasn’t there when I really needed it but it is there now.  I hope you have all seen my artwork, and I also hope that following that.  Or new additions anyway from photo to whatever else I can put together when I’m in the mood for it.

I hope to talk to you soon, I appreciate each and every one of you and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  In the last four and half years there has probably not been a question I have not been asked regarding my arm.

So until next time, hugs kisses and, Ciao