Still going, as best I can today

These past few days have been just added tick marks going by on my calendar life and recovery. I need to get up and moving earlier in the day than I have been, but today I can at least say I am up and taking care of stuff, for example; yesterday I received my absentee ballot or this year’s election and I am just about to fill it out. No, I am not going to tell you who and what I’m doing this year. Nobody looks good for anything, we have a presidential election, state Sen., Congressman, state representative, corporate Commissioner, and it just goes on and on down the line. I may put a couple of wright-in in here.

Well that was fun and done. I love voting this way, I don’t have to go anywhere, I can research more information if I need to. I got the ballot yesterday and did it today, at my leisure.

let me know if you can play this song when you click on the link below;
it is interesting to say the least. Lasts over 5 min’s but entertaining, and faster than I would have thought for the category.

Dammit, I have had a “kink” in my neck since early this morning, like 12/13 hours ago. I “blew-up” on a friends Facebook timeline earlier today and I wasn’t happy about it afterward. She posted something positive on her FB page and I was right there, right along with it and thinking positively, then I moved my hand and it all came back at me like a wave. No I cannot go back, I know this. I also know and am fully aware of the fact that my arm will never be the same and I will not be able to things the way I did them before, I will have to experiment and try to do things in an alternate way. What things?, I use my left arm for everything, but because I write with my right hand, the law says that my dominant hand is my right. That is bullshit, especially now. most of what you are reading here, is not only typed, but dictated by a software program I have on my computer. More than 80% of what I write on my computer is dictated.  I use my right hand to hold onto a glass and from that point I am unable to even open up a refrigerator with my left hand most of the time because of the vacuum when the door shuts, and the one that’s most difficult is the dishwasher.  How many of you out there that are reading this old and will plate or any sort of fish that needs to go into the dishwasher and have the ability to do it with one hand?  About the best way I can have somebody go through a series of tasks that word even compare to what I have to do is if you were to take a golf ball or a roll of coins and put them in the palm of your non-writing and, you non-dominant hand and take the clients of the golf ball in your palm and leaving your fingertips and your bum exposed so that you still got limited movement.  Now unless you want to put your hand underneath the car and have somebody roll up and on to the top of it I cannot help you with the amount of pain that goes through my fingers trying to do these tasks, but go through these little steps if you can.  Try opening the dishwasher, a doorknob that maybe a little stiffer than most, hold on to a bar of soap, if you have a very mechanical window in your car, by rolling it down. Open up a dryer door, open up a bottle of water, the list can go on and on and on about the uses I would have with my left hand before I would begin to use my right.

Enough of that, is 10 o’clock and I’m getting tired and I have a lot to do tomorrow.  I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my last paragraph, I just want the pain to go away.  I could care less if I ever have my hand again, even if it was a stump I would be better off than having to do with this pain.

God speed