WOW, the dam dog looks real. that degree of artwork should be somewhere else other than the Goodwill, now they could really benefit with a large purchase of this dog. 😉 😉


This is one of our faithful friends. He likes to just hang out with us behind the counter.

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A Very Unusual Night of Sleep

In the name God and the Holy spirit, I wish I had gone to bed last night?  I ended falling, and I use that phrase in a literal sense. I somehow fell, along with my chair over three times in the same night/this morning. I have no idea as to how but I remember just starting to tip forward and thought it was a dream, because I was dreaming that I was on a boat and it rocked forward and the next thing I know, I’m falling forward with my chair. I knocked over a number of things in doing so to. I do not recall what time it was, for either of the three actually, but I do know I should’ve gone to bed after the first one.

I have been trying to get my meds refilled for the last week the company called, PMSI who mails either by FedEx or standard mail my prescription and I was on the phone with them yesterday a couple of times trying to figure out where my meds were at and then I get a call from them today saying that the insurance company use denying refill some prescriptions because it was written by a non-authorized signature. So my next call went to the doctor’s office and they said that they would call the insurance adjuster and my next: to my attorney and I filled him in on what was going on and they said that they were going to call the adjuster also.

You know, it just does not makes sense. I have been on this medication or at least three years except for one of only which would be the newest pain meds called NUCYNTA ER TAB 200mg. This I’ve been taking for the last two or three months as an extended release pain medication, adding of getting one of the side effects that I am out of the actual benefit of pain relief. Now actually I will admit that since being on this pill the overall pain has reduced some, now I would say this is about a seven on a scale of 10.

One thing I do know sure is something I am taking it is definitely causing memory loss. Her blocks of time in situations I’ve been told that have happened and I have no recollection of any of that and that is not a good thing.

On another document, I’m going to write out a leather that will be addressed to everyone handling my case. When I first went to see Mr. Flickinger to handle my case, he had asked which was my dominant hand, typically that would be my right-hand because that is the one I write with. But in all honesty, my left hand does all the work so that my right hand can do whatever. For example, if I’m going to put something away in the refrigerator or in the dishwasher I am going to hold it with my right hand and I have opened the door to the refrigerator or the dishwasher and you are right that in whatever way. Well the problem I have with my left hand is that I cannot open the refrigerator all of the time and I still cannot after 4+ years open the door to a dishwasher with my left hand.

This is my story that I’m going to tell my attorney and my doctors with an extra copy to the adjuster. So until later I will be working on that and I will post a copy of it here on my blog so I can get some other input.

Love you guys and thank you for your support, it helps a lot, and actually more than you can think.



This I took while the doctors were trying to determine their course of action for me, which too them another two days to operate and close it up, then it looked like this…………….