it is Wednesday, February 13th

good morning everybody, well let’s see, I have been writing in my notebooks like crazy and I really wanted to put it online within here so I guess I can start now to schedule time as any I guess right? But one thing you need to understand this is my punctuation is not quite 100%. Well it’s because I have to put in there as a speak because I am speaking to the computer and this newer version of the Dragon that they have out now is the bomb, not in the literal, but it picked up a lot better than the other program previous this. Will couple hours ago I called DirecTV for a couple of things on the find out about that “Genie” that they had been advertising on TV firms last few monthsand it does not appear that it’s going to be a financially wise move to get the genie because have to buy the genie for $300  I think he said it would work on any TV in the house that has a cable box so that means I have to buy more cable boxes and pay six dollars a month for each cable box. Then my bill goes up again, it seems like every time I call them my bill goes up but I love DirecTV.


my first entry in here from my daily Journal and so we get up to speed I’ll quote when I first started when I first started which was on the for 14th of the year of January.

February 13, 2013

Well this is what I wrote in my journal should get them Eric page to get started so for today quote and I get to the” later it’s not surprising but I seemed to have lost a whole week will release that was my last entry a week ago try to write something every day, if only the date, I tried a least write something.

I don’t remember what I was gay going to write so I remember this, you have to forgive me I can’t read my own handwriting sometimes I started out with something I something else but I don’t remember what is in right I got distracted slanted of writing “I don’t remember what I was going to going to write yet that’s it, not much there in that line, paragraph.

 “In fact if I can remember that is but right down and what I have take” 

I did make a note here “call Barnes & Noble I may have some credit from a while back plus ask about a break on the Nook” I’m looking to get the tablet type Nook because Artie have so much know can this or that with my original Nook, so why not you know?

 “as you look through these journals you will undoubtedly see me with changes that are whited out well no more white out you or whoever needs to read this I a just writing” what I need to do is scan this would take a picture of it secrecy with this page looks like now also early on for yesterday and decided a minister writing down when I take my meds and what I’m taking so yesterday around 1830 630 for you civilian people maybe even 1900 I took one newscenter a soma and something else but I’m not sure what it was but I haven’t really been on my meds for last week anyway not consistently and then for bedtime I took those around 1030 a blur sorry around midnight the gabapentin one Percocet one temazepam one  paroxatine and one more soma. The temazepam is a sleeping aid the soma muscle relaxer and the Percocet a pain pill gabapentin is another blogger paroxatine they give forgot what the hell it’s for that some people think it finally from taking all that I could take a horse down so back to the Journal

at 415 this morning’s little bit ago, like right now the furnaces and going I can hear the music coming from my TV but when the furnace kicks in I hear voices, when I wrote this it was sounding like two men either fighting or one was hurt and the other was helping the other one I couldn’t quite make it out and then again at 430 the furnace kicked on again. Then some guy was just talking and I just can’t recognize voices in the first place that I don’t know if it’s me your the medication or so when air flows through the ductwork it sounds like somebody’s talking but you can almost make out the words which is even really weird.

the furnace been running already for about five minutes and I can’t hear anything this time, because living it’s like watching water boil when you’re watching it just never boils it takes forever or waiting for the last 10 minutes of work for the top of the hour so you can go home or go to a bar whatever but that 10 minutes is the longest 10 minutes of your life. I even muted TV to try and listen get a better chance of hearing something.

A while back, I think about a year or two of you now there were some people in my dreams Popping in and out of different dreams I’ve had known all said and they’ll show that the one time and they asked if they could be free come out of my dreams and night guess I laughed because their dreams, right? are these people in our dreams real? Couple of days gone by after that command they approached me again and I said okay, I’ll see them as often as I used to these to hang out in my room and just watch me draw your whatever on the computer, but would they would never let me look at them square in the eye.

 Okay let me see here in the post another but from January 14 so stay tuned