One hour at a time

I have got about the worst scheduling habits. For example, yesterday I planned for today to focus on one thing at a time, but when I did start doing things, it was no different than yesterday, doing “this” for a few minutes and sort of getting bored with that so then I’ll do “that”. But “this” still needs more work before I can call it finished.

So this morning when I noticed myself doing the same routine, I decided to set my phone’s alarm to go off every hour. So I am committed to working on one thing for that hour, and believe me, I have enough little crap to do for an hour that I bet you that today will be going by so fast because of hearing that alarm every hour.

Anyone else have a suggestion to help with time management? I can look up different stuff online but I want to hear what real people are doing that the net doesn’t have. 

Thank you, I appreciate the tips.

For richer and for poorer

I have been married 3 times,can you believe that? I don’t, but I have to. The best thing out of all three are my two kids, from the first wife.

The first two we did the invitations, ceremony, a DJ for the wedding reception, catered food. Not a single person was asked to buy their own meal.

Now my 3rd marriage, no ceremony, just went to the courthouse with family and best man and she had her family and a maid of honor. But then too, the whole thing lasted from March 23 to Aug 19th or so. Of the same year.

Now here is my question, this also has some relation to my studies with the University of Phoenix

For richer and for poorer;

*Before the wedding itself, the couple needs to decide on a date. Very true, whether or not they were to elope or have any form of ceremony.

*Location, location, location. Right? So you decide on where, it’s available on your day, you find a person to marry you, a preacher, ordained or from a church or a judge.

*Once a date has been decided on, the couple then needs to make a wedding party list, bridesmaid, groomsmen and ushers if  needed.

*Then the fun part, the actual invitations for who you want to invite to your wonderful day.


Now I have a question, the only invitations that went out, were sent on Facebook. There were none given to anyone, no physical wedding invitations went out to immediate family, none to the wedding party.

On top of that, you had to pay $16.95 for your dinner after the either the wedding or just the reception, I am not sure, but does it matter?

Then the bride to be also announced on Facebook something like; “that if you wanted to send a card (with a million bucks) hahaha, just kidding. ” I heard about that and just about, well forget that.

So tell me what you think about these wedding plans, especially the last part.



Weekend of Studies

Well this weekend I am spending as much time as I can on my studies at the University of Phoenix. This course I am taking right now is a science class, mostly about how a persons health progresses with age. How the body can react to addictions, recoveries. How weight gain and loss can affect a person’s mentality. All sorts of things like that.