One hour at a time

I have got about the worst scheduling habits. For example, yesterday I planned for today to focus on one thing at a time, but when I did start doing things, it was no different than yesterday, doing “this” for a few minutes and sort of getting bored with that so then I’ll do “that”. But “this” still needs more work before I can call it finished.

So this morning when I noticed myself doing the same routine, I decided to set my phone’s alarm to go off every hour. So I am committed to working on one thing for that hour, and believe me, I have enough little crap to do for an hour that I bet you that today will be going by so fast because of hearing that alarm every hour.

Anyone else have a suggestion to help with time management? I can look up different stuff online but I want to hear what real people are doing that the net doesn’t have. 

Thank you, I appreciate the tips.