Good,,h mm not morning anymore, but Good Afternoon

   I have been up since 6:30 ‘ish, it may have even been 5:30, Kip. All I do know is that I woke up, face down in my studio. (Its the spare bedroom or office, screw that, it’s my studio, if and/or until I need a roommate, it is #MY STUDIO, lol). And when I did wake up, I made coffee and spent damn near the whole morning trying to get into here, my WORDPRESS on my laptop!!! I don’t know what happened, but on my laptop, something bumped me off and out of my account. I tried everything I could think of and I still could ot get into my account. That isn’t even the worst of it, trying to reset my damned password, one would have thought I had never seen a computer before, by the way I was going at it. I used every known language to man cussing that damned computer out!!!! Thank goodness my NOOK Tablet was smarter than I was, because I could not for the life of me get logged into WP on here either. But the moment I got the password reset on the LT (laptop) I logged into my account on this tablet/Nook to say, GOOD MORNING.
   Well that and to just say that while I am correcting the settings that had caused my little misunderstanding this morning so that hopefully I do not have to go through that ever again. Plus to update my profile or rather make one, lol.

   Aside from all of that, I hope all is well with everyone. Myself, well I am probably in more pain than usual because I had  been in the middle of moving this past week. Fortunately over the past four years I was able to live at my fathers place. He had a spare room a I had no place to go. As most of you know I was injured at work five and a half years ago where I almost lost my left wrist and hand. I made mention of it in some of my publications in the passed and I am pretty sure I will mention it again. I even have a few pictures that should be in my gallery of photos. If you don’t see any pics that look like a hand from a “Friday the 13th” movie, let me know if you want to see them and I’ll send them to you, I don’t think I should have them just posted because of how some people might react.
   Well I need to eat and finish up my chores for the day. I’ll catch up with y’all later on.

Good Friday Morning Y’all

Now let me see here, I’ve pulled another all nighter, yeah buddy. I feel like shit too, in a tired shitty way I guess would be the more accurate description. 

Okay check this, I just moved into my own 2 bedroom apartment, fortunately it is in the same apartment complex as the one that I was living in for the past 4 years. 

And to be quite honest, I was living with my father those 4 years, because over the year prior to that I had a house in La Quinta, CA where I initially lived with my daughter, then I got stupid and got married to this so-called “in home health care nurse”. More on that another time.


Be right back, I’m doing laundry, so I’ll update, edit or something when I get back. 

Not just another Tuesday

Well, guess I should get my day going, I have an appointment with DirecTV from 12-4pm today. I’ll be in and out of here.
Oh yes, I finished moving on Saturday, my daughter came out from Phoenix and helped me finish things up. I have a two bedroom apartment, all to myself. I will finally get to focus more on my artwork, I hope anyway. That’s what I plan to use the spare room for, and to start putting my originals up and take photos of them for my online gallery.

A Fine Wednesday Off to a Great Start

How is everyone doing today? I hope all are doing well, now get your buts over here and help me finish up moving, haha.

I’m not kidding, but how likely is that going to happen, it is not. But for those of you who would offer if able to, I appreciate it very much. I can only do so much, and unfortunately, so much is actually so little because of my hand and forearm.

Anyway, off to the races, sort of speaking. Need to get some stuff ready so I can watch my Dad move my heavy stuff. I hate to see him do it, but I can’t. Now if the doctors had done what I asked five years ago and removed my hand, I would be fine now with a prosthetic.

Okay, talk to y’all later. I’ll be back in a few hours, let you know how, umm, okay, to let you know how my Dad’s doing, sorry Pop’s, but thanks for being there. Love You Dad









Something I was thinking of earlier;

“We may not live under the same roof, but we are still roommates. This big blue marble may have bodies of water between one piece of land and another, but underneath that water is still land that connects everyone and everything. The water acts only as fence does between neighbors.”

Good Morning Y’all

i came across this tattoo on one of my “pinner’s” on my Pinterest site and I found it be very sexy, only that the tattoo looks to me, to be unfinished. I am going to try something, as I mention later in this post, to rectify the situation, lol. sounds like lyrics to a song. Not going there again, I just did a couple of searches for lyrics to a couple of songs, to lighten a friends mood a bit.

Anyway, on with the games, lol.

delicate (love the script);:;: I do too, but then I don’t. I love how the script starts out with that ‘d’ and into the ‘el’, but then that script seems to have stopped and it is just “cursive”, maybe if the ‘e’ on the end were to have an ending “swoosh” of some sort? or even an underline that would “swoosh” more on the right end to mimic the “swoosh” on the ‘d’. I am going to try something and I’ll re-post it, let me know what you think.

I’ll just be posting it back on here, be back shortly, maybe, lol.

I made out a To Do list, 11 things, that’s stuff away from the computer, I think I have twice as many “to do’s” on my computer, lol.

So leave me be, Mate, I’ll be back, lol

Love you guys’ and gal’s, chime in anytime. I’ll get my stuff done, all we have in front of us is time.


Tonight’s My First Night

Tonight is my first night in my new place. Moving into one of our two bedroom apartments, get a bit more room than the bedroom I am in, was in. Excuse me on that, it’s been like four years I think. but it’s been a God send. Thanks for family or I don’t know what I would have done.

I love you Pop’s, thank you for everything.

Need to move some more stuff before my back gets tightened up. 

Catch up with y’all later. Wish me luck. 😉


Dammit, this sucks. My back is killing me!!

   I am in the process of moving from my bedroom at my dad’s 3 bedroom apartment, where I had been living for the last 4 years into one of our two bedroom apartments. I am fortunate to related to the current owner, my dad, so I can take my time moving into the apartment. 
   Well yesterday, as hard as it was I assembled my Cal-King Sleigh Bed frame. I have only been able to do a little bit of work here and there on the whole process. Doing the assembly, all I had to do was crawl from one side of the frame to the other using a socket and ratchet to bolt the frame together and then screw the center support 2×4’s to the side rails. I had done this a few times in the past with no problems. Well last night was the total opposite. I was hurting in my legs from being knelt down, my back from the way I was bent over and having to reach out without being able to either use my left hand to reach, but what was most damaging was having to reach with my right hand and no support for my upper body.
   My low back, on the right side, even toward my hip some was so sore that aside from hardly being able to stand up from the knelt position, I could barely put any weight on my right leg to walk back to my dad’s apartment. I went right to bed with an ice pack and my meds.
   Today, I am still barely getting around but I was still having problems just to sit in my desk chair. For a couple of hours I was even having pain in my left hip. Right now I am sitting in my desk chair, consciously sitting straight and my lower back on the right side, just above my hip it seems is causing me so much pain that I can barely concentrate or focus. If I put any of my weight on my right side even while sitting here, it hurts worse than when I stand up and put weight on it. 
   This is all because of my left hand because I cannot use it. I do not really have any more options,
   Dammit!!! I am in so much pain right now, and it is 1845 hrs on Friday, October 11, 2013. My hand is killing me on top of all else. This sucks so bad right now, all I can do is take my meds and they barely change the intensity of the pain.
   I wish I had some other form of relief than the pills. I hate taking them. 
   I am posting this on my WordPress right now also. It needs to be known.

Another Trip To Beverly Hills

   Heading out to Beverly Hills here in a couple of hours. I have a doctors appointment for my workers comp case. This appointment is what they call an AME Evaluation, I cannot recall what the acronym stands for but I have had a few of these. The only difference is that this one is regarding my problem with the medications I have been raking over these last five years causing me dry mouth, in turn caused me to have broke a tooth a while back. So over the last year, I have had thousands of dollars worth of work done to either pull, grind down broken teeth, a root canal and a three part bridge. I still need to have a 4 part bridge put in on the area just above the other bridge. I used to pride myself on having pretty good teeth, maybe a few cavities but the overall strength of my teeth has always been good. 

   So here is a heads up and warning to all of you that are either under medical treatment and given any sort of controlled substances; Morphine, Methadone, Fentanyl, and actually the list goes on and on. Do yourself, your friends and/or family members a huge favor and get them to start using any of the Biotene products and go see your dentist on a regular basis. Otherwise your mouth is going to look like one of a crack addict. Fortunately my “meat eaters”, lol, are the only teeth of mine that really got damaged. My front teeth are still in great shape, and God forbid that anyone else going through anything that has to take strong medicine as I described, anything serious happens to your teeth.

   Well, Time to hop in the shower and get ready, I’ll catch up with y’all later,

   Love ya guys.


Asian Writings for Tattoo Ideas








Asian Writings

This is something I had wanted to have done, no not all of them, lol. But to have something in another language’s script, but my only concern would be the accuracy of the translation. Maybe it’s a trust issue, but I have heard of a couple people who had tat’s done but the translation was wrong.

Anyone else have problems with the interpretation of a tattoo?

Pinterest Postings

Pinterest Postings I found this Lovely as I was going through the boards of “IDEAS PARA NOVIAS”, to whom had posted a pin from my collection. But there were also so many other pins of women baring wings with out of material or even more enticing, tattoo’s. I’ll go through and pin some more because I found several over the last several months that I decided to create a board, so entitled “Wings Upon Angelic Beauties”. I hope you enjoy the collection.


Another found on Pinterest, originally posted by a Misty Green.
Another found on Pinterest, originally posted by a Misty Green.
An absolutely beauty of a  women, but the Wings definitely go with the photo shoot. I would love to the back as she is standing straight, or squared to the camera anyway.
An absolutely beauty of a women, but the Wings definitely go with the photo shoot. I would love to the back as she is standing straight, or squared to the camera anyway.