Another Trip To Beverly Hills

   Heading out to Beverly Hills here in a couple of hours. I have a doctors appointment for my workers comp case. This appointment is what they call an AME Evaluation, I cannot recall what the acronym stands for but I have had a few of these. The only difference is that this one is regarding my problem with the medications I have been raking over these last five years causing me dry mouth, in turn caused me to have broke a tooth a while back. So over the last year, I have had thousands of dollars worth of work done to either pull, grind down broken teeth, a root canal and a three part bridge. I still need to have a 4 part bridge put in on the area just above the other bridge. I used to pride myself on having pretty good teeth, maybe a few cavities but the overall strength of my teeth has always been good. 

   So here is a heads up and warning to all of you that are either under medical treatment and given any sort of controlled substances; Morphine, Methadone, Fentanyl, and actually the list goes on and on. Do yourself, your friends and/or family members a huge favor and get them to start using any of the Biotene products and go see your dentist on a regular basis. Otherwise your mouth is going to look like one of a crack addict. Fortunately my “meat eaters”, lol, are the only teeth of mine that really got damaged. My front teeth are still in great shape, and God forbid that anyone else going through anything that has to take strong medicine as I described, anything serious happens to your teeth.

   Well, Time to hop in the shower and get ready, I’ll catch up with y’all later,

   Love ya guys.


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