Dammit, this sucks. My back is killing me!!

   I am in the process of moving from my bedroom at my dad’s 3 bedroom apartment, where I had been living for the last 4 years into one of our two bedroom apartments. I am fortunate to related to the current owner, my dad, so I can take my time moving into the apartment. 
   Well yesterday, as hard as it was I assembled my Cal-King Sleigh Bed frame. I have only been able to do a little bit of work here and there on the whole process. Doing the assembly, all I had to do was crawl from one side of the frame to the other using a socket and ratchet to bolt the frame together and then screw the center support 2×4’s to the side rails. I had done this a few times in the past with no problems. Well last night was the total opposite. I was hurting in my legs from being knelt down, my back from the way I was bent over and having to reach out without being able to either use my left hand to reach, but what was most damaging was having to reach with my right hand and no support for my upper body.
   My low back, on the right side, even toward my hip some was so sore that aside from hardly being able to stand up from the knelt position, I could barely put any weight on my right leg to walk back to my dad’s apartment. I went right to bed with an ice pack and my meds.
   Today, I am still barely getting around but I was still having problems just to sit in my desk chair. For a couple of hours I was even having pain in my left hip. Right now I am sitting in my desk chair, consciously sitting straight and my lower back on the right side, just above my hip it seems is causing me so much pain that I can barely concentrate or focus. If I put any of my weight on my right side even while sitting here, it hurts worse than when I stand up and put weight on it. 
   This is all because of my left hand because I cannot use it. I do not really have any more options,
   Dammit!!! I am in so much pain right now, and it is 1845 hrs on Friday, October 11, 2013. My hand is killing me on top of all else. This sucks so bad right now, all I can do is take my meds and they barely change the intensity of the pain.
   I wish I had some other form of relief than the pills. I hate taking them. 
   I am posting this on my WordPress right now also. It needs to be known.