Good Morning Y’all

i came across this tattoo on one of my “pinner’s” on my Pinterest site and I found it be very sexy, only that the tattoo looks to me, to be unfinished. I am going to try something, as I mention later in this post, to rectify the situation, lol. sounds like lyrics to a song. Not going there again, I just did a couple of searches for lyrics to a couple of songs, to lighten a friends mood a bit.

Anyway, on with the games, lol.

delicate (love the script);:;: I do too, but then I don’t. I love how the script starts out with that ‘d’ and into the ‘el’, but then that script seems to have stopped and it is just “cursive”, maybe if the ‘e’ on the end were to have an ending “swoosh” of some sort? or even an underline that would “swoosh” more on the right end to mimic the “swoosh” on the ‘d’. I am going to try something and I’ll re-post it, let me know what you think.

I’ll just be posting it back on here, be back shortly, maybe, lol.

I made out a To Do list, 11 things, that’s stuff away from the computer, I think I have twice as many “to do’s” on my computer, lol.

So leave me be, Mate, I’ll be back, lol

Love you guys’ and gal’s, chime in anytime. I’ll get my stuff done, all we have in front of us is time.


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