Million Jobs Project US

Million Jobs Project US

Good not morning my friends, it is Noon O’clock Somewhere, lol

Listen up, click on the link I have hopefully attached to my page here and do just as I am asking, which is what is asked of all of us here in the/this US of/in this great America, change just a few of your purchases every time you go shopping. 

Now real quick, watch the video attached or click on this link below;

Now that you have seen this video, do only what is asked of you and everything might get better, it should get better here in the US. Now let me ask those of you that see this, that are not from the US, you may not give a rat’s ass about helping the US, well that is fine, just look at the history of your country’s financial situation, or what ever situation your country may have come across that you could not handle on your own, did the US help in some way? Probably. Now we have products in this country from all over and around the world that we, as Americans purchase daily, annually even. Do we necessarily question where it came from, sometimes I am sure, but if it makes the decor of our house look better for it, of course, and so we will pay for it just so that our property looks better for it, or our clothing wardrobe will be in the Hip and Now, whatever it is, whatever the reason. So I am asking all of you from around the world, if you like something, who cares if it says “Made in the USA” on it, buy it. We buy your products. All we ask is that you change your buying habits what is asked of in this video.
Now for the rest of the us, here in the USA, instead of buying as it says in the video to just 5% or 1 additional item made in the US, I am going to make a pledge to ensure that I purchase at least half of my buying on American made products. If not more. And I personally, live in a very small town and my purchasing availability is limited to a Walmart, a Safeway, a Basha’s Grocery, a CVS, a single eye glass doctor, a Ford dealership, a Chevy dealership, a Napa auto parts, an AutoZone auto parts; Now if you have noticed or not, I did not list any food vendors. I believe those would fall under a different category in all anyway. So you see, for myself and the local community that I live in, our selection is considerably limited than some others. But that does not limit us from buying products online. This being the case, we should still ensure our purchases should be greater than 20/100 US made products.
Tell me what you think of the video and what your pledge is, We Need To Get More Jobs Back To The USA!!!
Thank you all for your time,

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