Just ” ” that close to starting classes again

Thats right, just a couple of more weeks and I hopefully will be starting classes again. I already started today in fact, some workshops just to get me familiar with the program on answering questions, looking up material and info in the library. I am literally excited to be starting up again. Thank you to University of Phoenix, the online division of their classes and education program.

Not sure yet what I will be taking but I almost can bet that one will be a science class. Either way, I am going to knock them out of the park. I wish I had this sort of enthusiasm when I went to school the first time around, 40 some years ago that is. Well better late than never, right, Right…….

Anyway, off to my studies, the workshops I am taking are today, tomorrow and Friday. Then too I signed up for more on the 13th, next Wednesday, Thurs, and Fri. Whatever the class topic is about, I just have to have the assignment for each day finished. And the topics are based on familiarizing myself with topics I may be getting ready to take or need to just brush up on. 

So until next time, probably tomorrow, have a great evening.

Love you all,


Kip D Vidrine