an empty sacrifice

My friend, how profoundly said the words that can only be heard from those who actually care as to what is said from a total stranger, but yet to a friend on this earth. No one should have to sacrifice their life if that sort of situation, and specifically. The assailants may as well have crossed the street to the Photoshop and pointed the trigger straight at her chest without even confronting the people on the other side of the street. Not that their lives are irrelevant, but I’m sure none of those pulling triggers will probably injured in the slightest and only the innocent, young and old, mother and son were the victims.
The anniversary of that incident I am aware is coming up, and hearing it at this time of the year in the first place just plain sucks.
This child’s mother died a HERO and her son should know that.

2 thoughts on “an empty sacrifice”

    1. Kendall my good man, when posts and items of that manner, those type of things move me as they should everyone else. And after reading something like that, especially in the way it was written and how it was written with warmth and straight to the point of the matter; It seems to bring out, not the Shakespeare in me but something that definitely moves me and I can only dream that I can put it into words. I truly only hope that what I put into words can be interpreted to convey a sense of how I felt about what I read.
      I do thank you my friend,
      Until next time…..

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