RESPECT-should you discriminate to who gets it?

RESPECT, this is something that is not dealt with lightly, or at least it shouldn’t be and especially when you’re dealing with the woman you are supposed to be in love with and you are married to, and most especially you are the father of her child.

It may have been last week, but either way there was a post of you and your wife on Facebook that came across my computer and you had to an even bigger scowl on your face at that time. Now your lovely wife, she had a beautiful smile and was glowing like a happily married woman should with a newborn. I blew up on you than about your lack of respect for your wife and your child’s because she is going to see these pictures if she hasn’t already. And you know what your child sees, daddy with the ugly face and mommy looking so pretty.

And here you are doing it again, I could care less if you see these comments on making because they’re nothing but true so I would only hope that somebody else is making comments similar to this. I like to think maybe it’s your wife and she’s telling you to smile in these pictures, or at least act like you love her. Oh wait a minute! You’re a singer, not an actor. Or did I get that wrong too? Is it rap that you are known for? I don’t listen to your stuff so I couldn’t tell you. What was I talking about? Oh yes, now I remember, I glanced over at my other computer monitor and saw the picture of you and your wife and there was only obvious as to what I was talking about, RESPECT.

That to which you have NONE, in any situation, anywhere, in any situation, at any time. At the very least there should be one person that you show respect to, I’m sorry make that two people; Obviously your mother, and the mother of your child. But we know where you stand on that, it’s displayed in every photo I’ve seen so far.

I'm a fan of Bologna... its like all the lunch meats combined into one!

Well, I feel so much better now. I have been in such a rush the last couple of days and hardly taking a break and I started getting a little tensed up and stressed out. So I can thank whoever it was that posted your photo, oh I know it was, a very close friend from a very long time ago. And by the photo and at least her comments, she would rather have a sandwich. So I appreciate her for doing that, because that gave me the opportunity to vent and to release some of that stress that I’ve been feeling over the last couple of days.

Note to all of my other friends here and on Facebook and anywhere else if there still is any I wish you the best and I hope you have a wonderful day.

All My Love and Respect To All of You

My Thought For the Day – Realization of Profound Statements, Comments or Phrases

I could not tell you how many times I had thought of this in the past, and I mean from maybe high school to present even, in other words for many years. Through different material that I have read over the years, from just about anything, whether it be a pamphlet in a doctor’s office or at the parts store, to legal textbooks in the law library at the courthouse; if somebody makes a comment or any form of a statement of significance and it is repeated in any form of document, it should be referenced by quotes and with that person’s name if possible. Politicians, celebrities, singers and writers are typically those who have a variety of things repeated and referenced by them that they have said at some point in their career, (or working adulthood). These comments or statements may have been part of a conversation, a legal brief, a script, or even a lyric, but at the time it was documented initially or transcribed after being heard, it would go down as a quote by that person. But I wonder how many things that have been documented and are referenced to people who have not denied making a specific comment, statement, or even a catchphrase; but just repeated something that they had heard themselves and now it is something that gives them their 15 minutes of fame. One thing I do not want to do is give an example of a quote by someone and the next thing I know is that I am being sued for making such an accusation. So let me get this straight and on the record that I am not accusing anyone, in our history of record-keeping, of stealing comments, statements or catchphrases and claiming that to be their own. Now you can quote that.

The reason I bring this up is because I made a comment a little bit ago (this morning) and was wondering that if it was to be repeated, the person I wrote this comment to could be given “credit” for the comment. I’m not saying this because my ancestors invented the wheel and I want some sort of recognition for that and compensation from the world. That is stupid and petty. But I’ve heard other people say stuff and the audience, and I am just referring to a few people standing around talking, but let’s say one of those other people repeated something that they had heard and it was either really funny but not as in a joke or a great idea to do something or whatever. But the person that repeated it was the one that got the “atta boy” or the credit for coming up with the so-called “idea”. I’ve seen it in the workplace happen more times than not when a junior staff member makes a suggestion to improve things or a process and was shot down, only to have the senior staff member bring the exact same idea up to the rest of the staff and making it appear as if it was their own idea originally.

They say “if it hasn’t been written, it never happened”. That is what we used to say when I was with the Sheriff’s Dept., because when you went to court on a situation and it was not in your notes or in your report especially, how can you prove undeniably as to when, where and who was involved, where it happened, on what day and time? Now I realize that is a little “intense” for the topic at hand, but I’m just making a point and an inquiry I guess you could say as to the validity of different things said by specific people throughout our history. Only in the fact that I just wonder if some of the things we have been told all of our lives that a specific person said one thing when in actuality they overheard someone else say it.

Once again, I want to reiterate the fact that I do not intent to start any sort of Civil War, ha ha, over anything as silly as “he said she said”. 

Now I realize that it the following statement is nothing is profound as “four score and seven years ago….”, But here is the statement that I made to an artist I have just become aware of and was sending a message to on my Facebook, and at the end of my message I wrote: “there is never enough of anything to admire as long as there is space.”

I did a quick search for that statement in Google and nothing came back and I do not recall hearing it anywhere in the past, so I cannot see where plagiarism would come into effect. If anyone has ever heard that said before and can cite it, please send by all means let me know who and where it was said, and even when. I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?