Good Evening Everyone-Are You Still Typing?

Hello everybody, I hope you’re doing well this fine evening.

I just wanted to ask and if you are not already doing it, and what I mean by doing it is, talking to your computer rather than typing. Become hands-free, COMPLETELY. I’m getting there through the use of Dragon by Nuance NaturallySpeaking.

The video that is attached to this post is only a part of what you can do. You can create documents, send emails, open and create spreadsheets through Excel. They have software that will even work on the Mac, if that’s what you’re sporting these days.

Watch the video and check it out, it can free up old your hands and wrists if you’re concerned about getting carpal tunnel, this definitely helps. Plus one great benefit, as you don’t have to worry about spell checking anywhere you type, I mean dictate. All you have to do is tell it what you want to do or say, and all you have to do is tell it what punctuations you  want to use and where.

I would love to hear back from you and see what you guys think if you’re doing this, or using some other program. My experience though, is that there is no other program out there that even comes close to the quality and accuracy of this program, Dragon.

HIM – New Official Trailer (Parody of Her by Spike Jonze)

Hey you guys, and my Ladies,

I am posting a couple of clips here, I hope you get a kick out of them because I did, especially the second one and view them in the order they are presented. Between the two of them, I really want to see Her, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the parody, Him. That is too if it’s a full-length movie or just a clip but either way the clip was funny.

Click on this link for “Her”

and then Click on “Him”

Here is a second one of “Him”, quite interesting to say the least.

HIM – New Official Trailer (Parody of Her by Spike Jonze)

Will let me know what you think of the movies or the clips. And if you have seen the movies, let me know what you thought of them, I’d really like to know.

Tutorial: Using the New Collage Features

If you have not checked out this site to edit any of your photos, that’s fine. If you have checked out other apps from your server or bought any photo editing programs, that’s fine.
I want to share this with you for no other reason than the look on your face once you see what this site can help you accomplish. If you can imagine only being able to repair or touch up any type of photo, this site can help you. Not only can it help you, but your imagination is going to start going wild with the things you are going to want to try and do. Check it out, tell me what you thought of it.
Have fun

PicMonkey Blog

You started that collage because you wanted to love it and stay with it until it was complete, right? So you felt like a bum, knocking on the Editor’s door after you started a collage and realized your images needed to be resized. And you hated having to save your collage, wave bye-bye and then meet it over in the Editor for text and overlays, didn’t you? Give us an “Oh, man it hurt to leave!”

You don’t have to be a bad boyfriend anymore. Now you can fix and tweak the images of your collage, right there in Collage, and hold its hand as you both skip to the Editor for final touches. And Royale subscribers, there’s some very special stuff for you.

Here’s a guided tour to the new features…

Basic Edits right in Collage cells

screen shot of the Edit buttonWhen you hover your cursor over an image that has been placed in…

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Ever have one of those nights where you went to bed, even though you are tired, as you lay there your legs just wouldn’t slow down? it’s happened many many times but last night for example, I could’ve ran the New York marathon the way my legs were going and that was little over two hours ago. I woke up about a half-hour ago, used the restroom and could’ve ran another marathon after laying back down. Then it worked its way up to my brain and now I’m sitting here. I’m curious, how many of you have gone through this and what a dumb about it?