Life, It Is Funny

Life is funny, how many times have you read a blog or a poster or even something out of the paper where it starts out with just that sentence, “life is funny”.
The reason for that is because everyone wakes up differently daily nobody gets up and does exact same thing with the exact same thoughts in their minds every morning. Could be because you had a different dream and you wake up with all sorts of things going through your head. Or you don’t recall any of your dreams and you wake up totally refreshed like nothing is fogging your mind will your thoughts and you go to make coffee or your smoothie, whatever you do in the morning, you go about your normal routine. But then later that day it dawns on you that morning wasn’t really as typical as it typically is. The coffee tasted better than usual, your smoothie may have had some chunks of ice and had to get a little bit of texture and that made it even that much better. I know for me with my smoothies or even my orange juice, I like to have it in the freezer for a little while so that is a little icy when I go to drink it, but then I like it with pulp to. For the last week I personally have been waking up in deep thoughts of a very dear friend of mine and she has made some changes, isn’t that she has made some changes except that I have made some changes in my thoughts of her. My feelings haven’t changed but the way I live out those feelings has, if that makes any sense. I was her Savior when we first met, and that was only because I fixed broken window, or covered it up until the glass guy can fix the window actually. But later we began dating and then I want time we lived together, then we split up but remained friends and family became lovers again but we weren’t dating in the submitter going on for more than 10 years, believe it or not. The issue I’ve always had is that I’ve always dove headfirst every time she’d look at me twice and that was a mistake I’ve always made. But this last weekend I stopped by and we had such a wonderful time re-encountering each other that that has been all that I have had on my mind. Which is not a bad thing because the visuals that I have been, visualizing have been the best that I can ever recall. But since then to I have had a realization that the less I acknowledge my feelings for her, the more she acknowledges me, is that sound strange? I think it does to me a little bit because of the way I’ve always acted in all of my other relationships. But this has been a wonderful week even though I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished even with my school work I am doing fine but I don’t begin to do anything until the very last minute and that’s what I’m doing today even. This is the last day of this course and I’ve got a lot to do and having her on my mind this whole week I hope I can clear it out somehow so I can focus on my work.
So tell me, doesn’t that seem like a situation where you would say to yourself even that Life Is Funny?