What a wonderful story

Kendall, such a Spine tingling story. It is amazing that 50 years had passed and they were able to locate each other and reunite all that they had missed, it is too bad that the mother was not around to see that. I know of a similar plight, that I went through myself. Granted, it was only an eight year span which is only a portion of what they went through But I was eight years old when my father had left and it took another eight years, a whole lifetime for me at that age, before seeing him again at 16. I wouldn’t change a thing, we have become friends over these years and it is as if that eight your span never happened, to a degree anyway. But of course that is until I start thinking about it, and that usually occurs when I read stories like this, but it makes me feel good that these reunions do finally happen.
Thank you again for posting this, I ensure there are hundreds and hundreds of people out there that have someone in their lives that they have lost touch with for one reason or another and all it would take is a phone call to reconnect that separation, because that’s what it took for me. In this instance I am referring to lost an old friends, and if it were not for the Internet, I still wouldn’t have a clue as to the whereabouts and the well-being’s of so many people that I cared for years ago that I have recently, within the last few years anyway, have been reunited with and that would change that for the world either.
Until next time my friend, keep spreading the word of love, life, and happiness.