Happy New Year, And Keep Laughter in Your Hearts and Your Lives, please. Love one another equally, whoever they are. One day you may work with them, or for them. You may meet them in unforeseen circumstances where you might be more embarrassed then, than you ever would have been otherwise. You may also become family with a person who unintentionally upset you, and by the way. We are all family in the first place. You cannot possibly think that your neighbor arrived there by their own volition. Everything happens for a reason, those reason’s are unknown to us all.
Genealogy goes back further than we can imagine tying us all together, there is NO ONE SPECIFIC RACE!!! There Is Only The HUMAN RACE. LOVE ONE ANOTHER IN PEACE
In Our Father’s Name,
Love In Peace, Fairness and Equality to All


Let yourself go to our Father and he will hold your hand to not only guide you, but to support you. His guidance is in the decisions you make by the choices laid in front of you. God’s peace will help ease the pain of the difficult decisions that we may have to make. At times, we may have to give answer to an uncomfortable question to get the Yes answer we are looking for. Trust in your own morals, trust in your God, trust in your higher power, trust in your own beliefs.
You will get the answers you are looking for, the hard part is determining what happens in your life that is an answer from God, your higher power. Or if these actions are just as they are, but believe, watch, listen, express, and love in everything you hear, see, say and do, because it is our Father who hath giveth unto us to follow and spread his word…