Did You Know?



I Did not know this!

       But yet of course,
as most people do know,
one dos not always get,
what one has ‘PAID’ for.

       Now if you have any other inquiries:
feel free,
feel welcome, and
feel that you ARE encouraged to ask anyone,
about anything,
about anywhere.

       I love the idea, because the concept Norway uses is a very basic understanding of how Not to say screw people over.
       When a professor, instructor, or any other academic opens their mouths to speak to their audience, there are a few key facts that are already in place and moving forward fast, so fast that one could hear a pin drop in an oversized class room.

1). These students are held captive in these classes by the pure fact that they ARE there to LEARN.

2). Paying for classes can give a student a sense of overwhelming obligation to attend, and this can lead to cutting class on a particular day, or days.



       Now I am aware of #’s 3 & 4 being blank, but as I was writing this, I decided to let YOU add your reason(s) as to why it’s a good, bad or an indifferent idea.

a). Select All
b). Copy
c). Paste
Insert your comments to #’s 3 and/or 4, even add more bullets if you so desire.