The Greed We All Possess and Must Contain

“Neither necessity nor desire, but the love of power, is the demon of mankind. You may give men everything possible? health, food, shelter, enjoyment? but they are and remain unhappy and capricious, for the demon waits and waits, and must be satisfied.”


Having to modify parts to fit the product!!!

I recently purchased the Stiletto Studio Chair, #91-1106115 and upon assembly, the threaded portion of the knob that is designed to adjust the backrest support bar is approximately 1/2″ too long and the back support.

Because of this, I have to go to the hardware store to pick up a nut to fit the threading properly, attach the nut to the “bolt” portion of the knob, cut the excess of with a Dremel tool, remove the nut so that the threads are clean enough to re-attach the knob to the backrest support bar.
My question for you and your team is this,
Do you assemble these products that you distribute, or do you just take it for your vendors word that these products are in working order and are turly ready for assembly?
The chair I purchased was the only one on the shelf at the store I had purchased, but they did have one on display, but that was on an elevated shelf, out of reach for me to examine.
If this issue is a one time thing, I can personally let it go. Mainly because I have done this similar type of fabrication in the past, but not after making a purchase of a brand new item.
I would really be upset if I was not in a position either by skill or knowledge to remedy this situation.
Please rememdy this for any and all other possible customers.

“C. [1] Backrest
Support Bar
Note: Part [J] is
attached to part [C]”

“J. [1] Knob
Note: This knob is
attached to Part [C]”

Click to access 91-1106-stiletto-without-arm.pdf

Religious Right, By Kendall Pearson

I really do like the idea of “Religious Right” as a movement.

Just the same as I believe in human rights, we all should be allowed to go through the door on the right, or the door on the left. This would be the path that WE choose as individual humans. The right to choose for ourselves and not have “belief issues” chosen for us is a basic human right. To be told by others that you will be beheaded if you do not claim aloud that your belief is Muslum, is not for others to decide.
Each individual was created as an Individual to be allowed to think for themselves, not to be commanded by others. Not to be slaves to anothers beliefs or way of life. But to believe in everything, or nothing, or even part of this and part of that. It is not for YOU to decide what I want on my pizza, that is my choice. You may want peppers on it, I don’t. This decision is mine to make, not yours.

I know and believe in my higher power.

I am the son of God, and the brother of Jesus, I will live forever as my brothers and sisters do.

If I do not return after my death in the physical form, I will live forever in the memory of those I have touched.

If I am not in your life, I will have been in your thoughts.