The Religious Right Book IV Destiny the final chapter

Quite an interesting conclusion to this series.
It definitely makes one think about the reasoning behind some of the beliefs that are being expolited for various reasons, be it for recognition, or financial gain.
The human race is the only species on earth to take another life, (of their own kind) for their own personal gain, be it for recognition, or financial gain.
Is it all based on the physicality of the human races and our “opposing thumbs” in conjunction with the minds ability to “process” our thoughts, to deduce right from wrong, likes and dislikes, desires and hatreds?
The ability of the human race to communicate is like no other species on earth. We, (humans) seem to have no real natural instinct like any other species on earth, other than to survive. When comparing the life of a lion, wolf, or even an elephant, while these animals have got the same territorial “instincts” as any other animal, mostly in protecting “their own”, a lion or wolf will hunt and take down prey when it is time to eat and/or feed their young. While an elephant will lead their band to vegitation and water, via a natural route that their ancestors have taken for hundreds of years, annually.
These natural instincts of animals in the wild keep them alive, while natural insticts of the human race are minimal. This is what will be the death of us all, the lack of natural instinct and the reliant of modern technology, the lack of a natural thought process to do what is right, and what needs to be done. We will all become “robots” if you will, of what others are creating.
That also being a “new” god.
The human race needs to be individualized in order to survive one another, this is what gives our minds the ability to be independant of another.