Random drug testing in sports?

Okay, now I do know that they perform random testing on professional athletes around the world these days, but I always thought it was before or after games and thought it only involved a needle to draw blood or a cup for a urine sample. This was definitely not what I thought they were referring to when they meant “random” testing.


The Unification of God

The Neighborhood

What God intended for you
goes far beyond 
anything you can imagine. 
– Oprah Winfrey

They were armed with the knowledge that it was war that drove their forefathers underground, eventually giving rise to a civilization that only knew peace.  And they knew that if war emerged on such a grand scale, many above ground would seek safety in bomb shelters below, and it would not be long before One World was found. It was not the people  the elders were leery of, but  of what those people would bring. For as soon as it became known that art was  their spiritual healing, the religious right would come running from every direction. Bibles waiving,  they would began to preach to the peaceful people of One World, convincing them that they knew the way to salvation and that their religion was the one of peace.  The elders knew they had to…

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The Mother’s Day Show

The Neighborhood


stevie wonder Stevie Wonder by Robert Ball

“Mama was my greatest teacher;
a teacher of compassion,
love and fearlessness.

If love is sweet as a flower, 
than my mother is that sweet flower of love.” 
– Stevie Wonder

Mothers Day

To all the Mothers: please enjoy
If I Were a Bell 
by the late, great Teena Marie
perhaps written for a different relationship, the beautiful
thoughts transcend to Mother’s Day as well.

RIP Teena Marie RIP Teena Marie courtesy of Adam Burrell

Mothers Day

Rudyard Kipling “Rudyard Kipling” by Current History of the War New York Times Company.

“God could not be everywhere
and therefore, he made mothers.”
– Rudyard Kipling 

Mothers Day

Dear Mama, 

by the late, great Tupac Shakur
(a letter to his mother)

Afeni Shakur Afeni (with her son) & Tupac Shakur

Mothers Day

‘To Be: What Our Mothers Have Taught Us’
(the State of Being)
by Kendall F. Person

the neighborhoodBe unique. Be original.
Be kind. Be giving and be free.

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