This is absolutely ridiculous!!
For one I think if a person is going to cheat, they are not going to JUST use a website targeted for cheaters.

I heard this morning that one man signed up with after his wife died. Okay, I can undrestand and sympathize with a widow/widower yearning for companionship, BUT YOU SIGNED UP WITH A CHEATING WEBSITE!!! Even though you were not going to be cheating on YOUR spouse, YOU were going to be cheating with SOMEONE ELSE’S Spouse!!! You are still a LOSER!!!

This person, along with countless others are filing a 500+ million dollar lawsuit against BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT!!!

What Planet Do You Live On That Makes You Believe That It Is Still Okay To Cheat On Your Spouse AND PROFIT FROM IT IN A LAW SUIT!!!

For those of you that are in on this class action suit against, I hope that YOUR SPOUSE ALONE is awarded any proceeds, if not your spouse, definitely your children, should you have any, and I pray to GOD that you don’t.

I truly don’t think it matters that your privacy was breached, I do agree that someone with screwed up with their strength of their security protocols, BUT the bottom line is this;
You are on this website with the sole purpose and intention to CHEAT, if not on your spouse or significant other, with someone else’s, that STILL makes YOU a CHEATER!!!