Building more and more strength and trying to endure.

This has been one very long and tiresome journey and I am just tired of it not getting anywhere. So this is going to be the beginning of what I hope continues on and on. I have only one direction that I can go, that is forward; not sideways and forward, not back to get some momentum going before I go forward, because that is what I have already been doing, for far too long.

Remember when we were kids, (this is directed to most of the guys, but you ladies probably have an idea of what I am talking  about, especially if you have brothers, anyway) we had and they still have out there a variety of cars and motorcycles that if you pull them backwards, the gears inside wind tight from a spring or an elastic type set up to give the vehicle the power it would need to go forward and to also go fast. I remember cartoon characters doing the same thing at times, they would backup and it would show their legs running but they would be going back words in then they would shoot out for word catch whatever they were chasing, such as Wile E. Coyote, remember that the next time you watch the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner; in fact almost any cartoon will probably show you that scenario.

My point of that being, the going backwards before I could even get started. That’s all I’ve done is going backwards and I have not gone forwards in years. This is what I’m going to do, and that is I’m going to go forward, but unlike on the cartoons, I am not taking off at full speed. I am going to reach out for the hand someone who can guide me. I’m going to reach out for God, and I’m going to be happy again, if not for the first time. He has always been there for me, we do talk a lot. The problem is, that is all we do but I need more than that.

I also want to get more involved with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, on top of getting people more aware of the causes of global warming. Unfortunately we are all being lied to and the biggest reason is because there is no way to stop it.

This is going to be it for now, I’m going to call it a day, actually a morning. I did not realize until just now that it’s after midnight. So until later today, I hope you’ll sleep well and I hope you enjoy football tomorrow.

May God be with you.

Love, and respect,


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