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I am a self-taught freelance artist, my primary venue is pen and ink in the genre of stippling, or pointillism. I guess it depends on where you're from as to what you call it but I hear different things from different people who say that, "they know" that it's this or that. I just call it mine, because it was funny when I came across the format in the first place. I started working on this piece, it was originally in a be a sketch of a statue that I had bought my now ex-wife, but all of a sudden I started doing these dots around its silhouette and then I filled in the shape of the statues body and I thought I was a genius, be it for a short time. Shortly after that discovery, I still laugh about it today, I saw in the back of a magazine there used to be out but is no longer, called Omni. Now on the back page or so they would always have a unique picture of some sort. This one issue in the back had Domino's laid out and it looks really cool but they were just laying there on this table of some sort but they instructions bottom said to hold the picture approximately 5 feet from your face. In doing so a rendition of, it's been so long, I think Einstein or somebody of a similar stature was on the page. And that was my first realization as to what the dots did. In that picture it showed up close a bunch of Domino's just laying there, squared off to each other not in a disorganized manner but laying there side-by-side and on and site by and however and it turned out to be a portrait of somebody such as Einstein. And then there was somebody there at the store was looking at the magazine that called it stippling or pointillism, or a form of it as being all dots. So that was when I learned of my discovery being not something new but as I researched, was actually something hundreds of thousands of years old. Aside from that I have tried and succeeded I believe and doing some charcoal and pastel. My first and last piece that I had tried to do was of a football player walking off the field carrying his helmet. This piece was done for my daughter in the University of Oklahoma Cowboys colors. It was a pretty good-sized piece and I shipped it to her and her fiancé and unfortunately, maybe six months later they broke up and that was the last I had ever seen of that piece. The rest of me I guess you can learn about on my blog and website where I have my gallery. If I don't post that somewhere else on here all come back and put it in here, the link that is.

Feeling a little better, and that is a good thing

At least I am up and out of bed because I think it was last Tuesday when I laid down and I actually got up yesterday started moving around and today I feel a lot better. Considering where I was at yesterday. Found this great new bands I do not remember how, but they are called “Young the Giant” and I primarily listen the country hundred percent except on my DirecTV box, that is, Channel 856 I believe in is called New Age, and I think actually it is called Sonic Tap. But they have got amazing music on that station and then finding these guys on the Internet this morning like I said I do not remember how, but I just did there their genres of music and their rhythm, I think they sound great.

Next figure out why this keeps happening, only going along okay for about 4 to 6 weeks maybe. And all of a sudden I and the sleeping or not sleeping, but I am in bed for a week, I choose not to eat and I do not take my pills that I am supposed to. I take 10 different pills within the day, some of them or once a day and some of them are four times a day. I did notice though, that if I am out in the evening, there are mosquitoes, they will not bite me because my blood is too toxic for them, ha ha. At least I am joking now and I am in better spirits, because I have had spirits, but I just am.

I have really been thinking about getting back into my artwork, and I mean in the hard and I have been having these visions of some amazing stuff, but it is a matter of getting it put together to produce it or them or what ever. I have also been having another vision and this one’s not really cool at all. I am not going to describe it, but his vision has been making me ill at the thought of it and I do not know where in the hell it came from, so that is all you need to know about that. I did have a couple of dreams. While I was awake, almost like a flashback. I guess you would say if you are awake, and that was when the mirror went through my arm. I have been going over and over in my head as to how that had happened on that dreadful day of 07/22/2008, that ripped my world apart.

I got involved with building and installing cabinets into kitchens, bathrooms and building entertainment centers and putting it all together and everything from a mobile home to 6000 foot single-family dwellings where we put in a 10 foot oak entertainment centers and vanities and the TV behind the mirror, and huge desks and having a solid wood top where you cannot even see the seams turning the corners, that was how flawless my team was. It took me a lot of years to find something that I truly love and to have it ripped away from me in the blink of an eye.

So over the next six months after the injury, I lost everything, the house I had been living in was beautiful, gone. The guys I have worked with had to work so they went elsewhere because I could not do anything. Construction business is brutal in the first the place, then one gets into a position where one cannot even pick up a sheet of plywood or even pick up a basic 20 ounce framing hammer, let alone get into the finer details of the actual finish work.

Well, I think I am done the dictating for now, I think my Dragon is tired because it is slacking on a number of commands. So I am going to turn her off, yes I have been married three times I know how to do that, ha ha. After about a half an hour I will turn her back on, after three divorces, maybe I do not know how to do that. 

Thank you for listening, you are all I have two talk to, so I Love You and we will talk more later.



A Day That All Your Wishes May Come True

happy Mother’s Day to all my friends and family, I wish only the best for you on this cherished day of yours. Shall you be treated as you desire, loved and pampered as you are deserved. May your offspring worship you even more on this day and abide by your calling. Shall your mate beckin you at your every command. one final wish for you on this day and that is to just enjoy and not stress it, I hope your loved ones and family adheres to my wish…

Coming Back Around…

Well, I had my surgery almost a week ago, and if it was not for my daughter being there; I do not know how I would have been able of handled it. The pain that it caused me with them going back into my neck, for the fourth time, was so unbearable, but I do have to admit it, it was not near as bad as it was last year, when they went into my neck to replace a defective implant. So that made the third time they were in my neck from 9/29/10 to 3/18/11, my body had no time to heal after that one.

So unless they are going to put something else back into my neck, they should be done for now. Now it is just a matter of waiting for them to work on my hand and forearm. To begin with, I do not know how they are going to start to figure out what they are going to do, because they have had almost four years to decide on that and they have not told me about anything they have decided on, if anything.

All of this talk about my neck this and my neck that, my neck is not the issue. The problem is with my hand and forearm, it always has been and always will be. Other than the emotional bullshit that they are putting me through. Between the amount of nerve damage that was done, and leaving the wound open for four days, there was actually more damage done to me after the accident then from the accident. As the way I believe it anyway.

All right, now I am feeling a little better after venting and I want to thank you for listening. So I am going to get back to my other work/homework.


PS, check out my artwork at

and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 1 and I have three more days

Yep, I have three more days until my surgery and this waiting is just killing me. I’m just going nuts not being able to focus on anything because everything revolves around Friday. Actually Everything revolves around the results on Friday.I have so much work to do from class and I just cannot focus, I don’t know how many essays I have to write, two alone at 250 words, one at 350 minimum, and I think two additional at 500 or that isn’t counting the work I have to do each day, that I haven’t been able to finish, Shit! All right now here I go again, giving it another shot, focus focus focus focus focus


I have been sitting here at my computer and I cannot get a single thing accomplished today. My hand is hurting in so many different ways it’s hard to really describe it, if it isn’t just the initial crushing sensation that I’ve been feeling for almost 4 years that is bothering me, then I am also getting these sensations of a jolt through my fingers or into my whole arm and I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it’s been going on for some time where all of a sudden my whole body jumps, like it’s been hit with some form of an electrical connection, and the other day I got zapped so hard from whatever this is, that I ended up kicking over my trashcan, and jamming my toes into my desk, and knocking stuff over across might desktop. It happens all the time, you could almost look at it as if it is like these earthquakes, sometimes there small and the epicenters not that big and it’s not that deep and then other times it’s massive and out-of-control.

so with all of that going on in my arm and my hand actually throughout my whole body unworried about the surgery and having on Friday, so nervous wreck and I just don’t know what to do. I can even get 250 words put down my screen slightly get these assignments done.

Well, I guess I better give it another shot, running out of time, fast.

I will catch you all later

My most stressful week yet

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This is day one, (Monday) of week nine in my humanities class with the University of Phoenix. This also means that it is finals week and I still have more work from last week. Not only do I have that piling up on me, I have to go in for surgery on my neck Friday morning and this will be the fourth time the same surgeon as been into my neck, the same spot at as the other three times and this time will hopefully be the last. Is removing the implant he put him originally on September 29 of 2010. Plus this time he is also going to take out the battery and a wire that runs from the battery to my neck, I imagine you want to know where the battery is, well it is in my left butt cheek and kind of high but just below my belt line. I have to tell you that area has been hurting more and more lately maybe because of the way have been sitting or laying down I just need to get it out. I handed arm has been just in so much pain lately that I can’t even concentrate on reading for pleasure let alone for my schoolwork.

One thing I did though yesterday that was kind of fun, and that was it took some of my drawings that I had done and propped up and took out my camera and took some new photos of them and downloaded them onto my computer. So after a little bit of cropping I’m going to post them on my webpage with the website “”.

Well I’ve been putting it off long enough, and I’ve only got a few days this week to get my homework done, well till Friday morning anyway.

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