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I started physical therapy last week, and it’s about time; after 3 1/2 years

For those of you that know, this is a an update to my hopefully progress and my situation.  I had been authorized for a dozen visits for physical therapy and I was really surprised because it had been so long since I have asked in the first place.  I had asked and asked about physical therapy or the last three years and I have gotten nothing.  But the good thing is, I have not gotten the run-around, they just didn’t do anything.  Unfortunately the focus was on my neck where they put an implant to help block the pain signals from my hand to my brain.  This unit works as far as sending a signal to my hand but it was not doing anything to mask the pain, the pain in my hand just either was so severe it will basically overrode the unit or it just was designed for a different type of pain situation.  Now this is not like putting on a neck brace or a glove or even the wristband, the end of September of 2010 is when they initially installed the implant in my neck.  It felt odd the way it was setting in on my spine, as if it was not even with my spine and swear would work effectively so I asked my doctor to look into it and in doing so he showed me the films and he agreed that the implant was cocked to one side more than being parallel to my spine so he got approval for another surgery to go in and just change the placement of the implant, that was in February of 2011.  Something must have happened when they did the adjustment, because within two weeks the unit quit working.  I had my contact person with the manufacturer even look into it and she said that there was something wrong with the unit itself in my neck.  She, (my contact representative for the implant unit) made the determination that the product was defective and that they were going to have to go back in and replace it.  I have already had two surgeries on my neck and now they want to go in for a third within a month after the second surgery.  Fortunately my daughter lived close so after my surgery, because it was an outpatient surgery, I had a couple of hours of recovery and until the anesthesia wore off and I was able to walk on my own and after that I was ready to do whatever, go home or whatever.  I thank God everyday that my daughter was there and had an apartment close by because the pain was so intense and my neck and shoulders.  I laid on the couch as often as I could but there are times where a person has to get up and use the bathroom.  During those times when I had to get up to use the bathroom, I could barely get my head up and off the pillows without the pain being so bad, it felt like I was on one of those antique torture machines where they stretch your arms away from your body and they would crank it and crank it. and for some reason, the slightest degree of an angle where it instantly start putting pressure on my shoulders and adjoining or at my spine in my neck and causing even more pain and as I got you a more vertical, the polling and the pain got even worse.  A couple of times I did manage to get into the bathroom and back to bed as fast as I possibly could and it didn’t matter, the pain was so intense that I wish that upon nobody not even my third wife, but that can be negotiable; just kidding  I would not do that, ;-).

There was an attempt with a very dear friend of mine to help me go to the restroom while still laying down but more so on my side so that I could aim into a bottle to take care of my business.  Just as it felt like I was able to go to the bathroom, my daughter’s boyfriend came home from work and here I am with my manhood in a woman’s hand aiming it into a bottle or a vase I think we used, or tried to use.  I am not normally shy about going to the bathroom or anything else, but it was just really strange to see him walk through the door while in the middle of this, well while getting started anyway.  To say the least, the result of this attempt to relieve my bladder ended in defeat, because I kind of started laughing, but not too hard because just to be laughing or the chuckling hurt like hell. {between you and me, I’m glad I was able to get at least semi erect while she was helping,)

It took me a full week to recover from that surgery.  With all the medication I’m on right now or the first reason, which was my accident in 2008.  There has not been a single medication given to me that actually takes the pain away or even relieves the pain that I notice much or even partly.  None of my medication can even relieve me of a simple headache, and it didn’t have matter how many muscle relaxes I took and they still would not work on my shoulders.  So the unit was back in and after about a month or two are still using it was useless to even use it it did nothing for me so I told the doctor there were demands will just take it out because of that in itself was causing sharp pains in my spine at my neck.  I would get a sharp shooting sensation going up or down my neck from that surgery point and even now I still am but my surgeries are not done with my neck, because of the problems it was causing in my neck with the shooting sensations of sharp pain.

So I weighed the two out, I wrote down the pro’s and cons on whether the implant was worth keeping in or having it removed.  Dealing with phishing sensations in my neck I could not handle anymore, it didn’t matter what I did but out of the blue I would feel if shooting sensation in my neck, is randomly and when I would try to get it to do it on purpose, I would get nothing and even when I used my right arm to reach out for the milk in the fridge suddenly I get shooting sensation in my neck and I would then drop the milk or whatever I was reaching for.  Taking a shower was even more impossible than when I first got hurt.  So at my next doctor’s appointment, I requested to have the implant removed.

So within a couple of months we have approval and scheduled the removal of the spinal cord implant, and that was done on May fourth of 2012.







Frustrating, but only a minor setback

Hey you guys,

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying the change of the seasons, leaving summer behind and moving on into fall with cooler nights cooler days.

When I mentioned frustrating, a few hours ago I was uploading some pictures or updated pictures onto FAA, (Fine Arts America) the website I use for posting my artwork and photos.  I had to hurry so I could get to dinner at a friends as otherwise they wouldn’t have posted after being gone a few hours.  The site would’ve automatically log me out so I wanted to get them posted and I thought I had but unfortunately I must have missed something in the steps to finish and complete the process.

I had even written out my biography or the website that I have been a member of for a couple of years and I finally broke down and decided to complete the biography.  But when I look back in my profile that wasn’t there; so that is what I meant by frustrating.

So look for the updates, there should be posted notices on Facebook and twitter messages here in a bit.

Love to all of you

Today was a day that will go down in history and remembered as “mass confusion by the officials who should be back in college”

Today turned out to be a fantastic day, and you know why? Because when I woke up, I started out with no mistakes. And to top that off I am ending it with no mistakes. Oh weight, I do stand corrected, I did make one mistake today and that was arriving to my physical therapy appointment about 15 min. late and that Jews does not normally work for me, that is out of my character completely. I am 99% of the time never late and I am usually 15 min. early if not earlier because I find it an inconvenience for me to waste my our of therapy or my doctors appointment if I’m going to be late. So this Friday for my appointment, which is at two o’clock I am telling myself that it is one o’clock and I even have it written down as such. If I show up an hour early,  I’m cool with that because I would rather sit there in read or even sleep than be late. Okay, now let’s get back to the people who made the real mistakes today,and I can name off about seven, possibly eight people that cannot say that they only had one mistake today. Iaf you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about the Monday night football game between the always incomparable, “Seattle Seahawks” versus the “Green Bay Packers”. There are about seven judges and umpires, and whatever but they are all considered officials down on the field and they have one up in the booth so that makes about eight. unfortunately these people come from a habitat known as college football and they have the basic set of rules down as in the NFL, but there are quite a few rules as we barely noticed tonight that they don’t have any kind of a grasp on. Pace flags on pass interference call that shouldn’t of been and they didn’t throw flags when there should have been. They’ve probably will be going over the game films themselves all night, because I’m sure they do that anyway. But soon I will definitely be in education and training shall for future officials. I had already stated on Facebook that this game today will go down in history as one of the biggest upsets possibly in the game of football, because it had nothing to do with the players. It was all on the officials today. If anybody knows anything about what is going on with the lockout from the regular NFL officials, please let me know. Add it to this page and will forward it on to Facebook and we’ll spread the word more from wherever we can.

My dad is beneficial for high school  and peewee football and on up, but up to high school. And he has been doing this for several years, and I am talking in to the multi digits, okay multi probably is not the right word, he would smack me in the back of the head if he saw me right that. But he is been officiating ballgames of all sorts of types and coaching football and softball and baseball, so there is not a rule, regulation, or question that couldn’t be as that he would not know the answer to. Just sitting here at the house watching his normal game with the regular officials last year, is stuff that they don’t see or he’ll see it and pointed out before the flag even comes out. Maybe he has a better vantage point of view, but he knows what to look for.

I do seriously hope that after tonight’s game, after tonight’s officiating all rights hearing, that somebody gives in real quick, like before Thursday. I don’t care who it is but somebody needs to give in on whatever they are asking for the need to compromise on one side of the table and the other.

So tell me what you guys think of today’s game, my official opinion is that I am glad Seattle gets the mark on the win column, and I will admit that I am not proud of how they did it because it was obvious Green Bay intercepted the ball in the end zone. But I am very happy that the other official called it a touchdown, but I’m also surprised because I thought he had a better advantage point to see what was going on and that Green Bay had the ball and more of their control. But as they say, good, bad or indifferent, a win is a win.

Well,this blogger is done for the night, so I will be looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say, I have a feeling it’ll be a similar take us to what I said except for maybe the umm, win/loss team. But anyways speak up, speak out, let your voice be heard!

Hey people’s, do you want to be HAPPY?


The following is a copy of a statement I copied that I found to be so true to the word.

I Am giving THANKS for today, and for all my relations! Thank you, my beloved family, and friends…the ones I get to see all the time, AND the many dear beloveds I see only through the ‘inner-net’ within my heart. It is amazing to feel so intimately connected with many thousands upon hundreds of thousands of awakening souls…(it’s been that way since I can remember) Yes, I FEEL YOU, and yes, we all feel each other, and I want you to know that I Love you ALL, and I thank you for shining your light rays in my direction. ♥ I feel it every time someone puts on the BAND of LIGHT and starts dancing, singing, and getting their heart all fired up…I get tickled, and it’s as if the frequency of awakening is made just a little bit more attainable for everyone else… It is an honor to walk the path of awakening with you at this time… for here we are on this day of Equinox…and now, we enter our last ‘turn of the wheel’ which will take us right to the doorway of Winter Solstice, 2012 and beyond. Look around! The distractions may seem to be at an all time high, but so are MIRACLES. Heaven on Earth is already here. 🙂 Let’s start to enjoy it… ♥ Love,  (Elijah)

This statement is as much true to the way I feel as much as the sun comes up every day.

Right now I am working on going through and organizing my photos with, and adding a few that needed to be submitted. There are contests quite often and I have started to Post some of my work within those contests and hopefully get some recognition.

I am here in online for a while longer this evening, you can send me a text message to my other number so I can use the computer to respond to written with, that number is 760-545-4674. And on top of that I am working on one of the portraits also, so I’m keeping busy to least.

Until later, Ciao

Do You Think That You Have and Show Respect?

The bottom line is, if you are that one person that has it all figured out, knows all of the answers, than tell me what I need to know. Instead of complaining about something someone has done or is doing, offer to help with it. The reason I say this, is because if you are that person who also believes you are right all of the time, you really need to check yourself at the door, leave all of your attitudes behind and outside; because I could care less about what you know, about who you know if you are going to sport a cocky attitude.  Do I look like a god damn babysitter?  NO!

Respect, show it by not stealing from your family. You feel that you should be trusted and everyone should respect you with whatever and whenever? Then you have to earn the trust you feel you deserve. Prove that you have changed and are no longer a thief.

But you need to help me do that, and how you ask? I sure as hell am not going to put my wallet out there with any cash and then see if any of it is missing later. I can vouch for myself that if I am in your house as a guest in any manor, I have no reason to take anything that is not mine; this includes personal property, as in jewelry, or any form of cash or even pocket change. You, as my client, or even as a friend or family member have nothing within your portfolio of property and assets that I may want so bad to steal it from you. It makes me ill to even think that a person should take something from someone without permission. It is absolutely appalling. For example, if there is a “Safe“, yes a safe that has some significant weight so that it is not so easy to run off with and a combination that has to be dialed in before one can access it. If this “safe” was to happen to end up broken into, and it belonged to you father and your bed ridden mother who is going to die within a couple of years, do you think that is a move on your behalf that deserves respect?

The reason I wrote this post is to just get some clarity out into the world.  Nothing I said here is anything that you shouldn’t already know as a mature adult.  But the thing is, I know people that haven’t a single clue as to what any of this means, isn’t that amazing.  I find it just absolutely ridiculous that this common sense stuff, has to be literally shoved in their face.  Now too, don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular individual, because these people know who you are.  You’re just too ignorant to follow common sense rules and guidelines to get by in life.  Because of that, your ignorance, those of you who are doing that are blaming everyone else for your faults.

Getting out for some sun, and a little yard work

We have this puppy that is more like a garbage disposal, landscaper, gardener, shredder, and maybe even half goat, but actually is a  rottweiler mix. Anyway, last night at around 9 o’clock, she (Kali) brought into the house several branches from a tree type plant we have out back. I am not sure of the type of tree or even plant it might be, but it does have pretty flowers when they bloom. So to hopefully keep her from bringing anymore of the plants branches into the house, because this morning she brought in about half as much as last night, I think she would have brought in more if I had not gone out to make coffee and caught her.

So after I got the coffee going, I grabbed some pruning shears and the trashcan and proceeded to clean everything off of the plant that was from about 4 feet and below.  This plant stands about 7 feet or more as it is.  Hopefully now available in more because I did get rid of a lot of dead stuff also.  I also found a rope/heavy string that was tight around the bottom of this plant to keep the branches closer together but evidently at one point it had fallen and was not doing what it was supposed to, so I retired it around the heavier branches so would bring them more together and turned it up a little bit more after that and hopefully it will look a lot better in the next couple of weeks as this thing grows.  Plus I hope it will keep Kalli from bringing in any more of those branches because she cannot quite reach them.

Okay, time for me to go outside before it gets too hot, which will probably be around 98 according to the weather info on the internet, more than likely though, it will reach triple digits. So until later, you all have a good day and I will write back to us after noon.

Welcome to the Daily Post

Welcome to the Daily Post.

Hey everybody, how are you doing? I hope you’re all well and happy. I thought I would update you on my next adventure coming up in the middle of August. I went to school in Tacoma, WA and I attended a total of three different schools in the first one being Mont Downing Elementary from first grade to sixth grade. And then from seventh grade and ninth grade I went to Truman Junior High. On my final three years, 10th grade to my senior year being 12th grade, I went to Woodrow Wilson High School, and I loved every minute of it looking back now anyway. I may not have shown then but looking back now I would love to do it all over again.

well it is late, it is actually tomorrow, so my daily posts for today is now yesterday’s post for tomorrow which is not today.

Remember this, your all loved by somebody and somebody loves all of you. Watch out for each other because we are all we have.

I’ll fill you in more on what’s happening with my reunion tomorrow.